Sound Cyclists All-Class Ride on August 13th.

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Due to a conflict requests to MNRR not resolved by the VP-Rides (me) the NYCC has NOT been granted permission for a large group of riders to use the 8:07 train from GCT to Noroton Ct for the ride and picnic with Sound cyclists.

There will most likely be space on the 9:07 (bike) train, but that will get you into Noroton Heights in time to make only the slower, shorter rides that are scheduled to leave at 10:00 or later.

If you have car transportation and can take other club members, please post on the message board.

There might be space on the 8:07 train which has been reserved for 25 cyclists to travel to Westport. Noroton Heights is a prior station on the New Haven Line.

I apologize for this foul-up.

Fred Steinberg

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Daniel Wolf Savin (not verified)
Sound Cyclist and CT/NY Ramblings rides

If the 8:07 AM train has not been reserved for a large group of riders for the Sound Cyclists ride, then how about for the CT/NY Ramblings rides which is also supposed to take the 8:07 AM train? Does that mean there will not be room on the train for either group and that basically each ride is largely canceled unless one can drive to the starting location?

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Carol Waaser (not verified)

The CT/NY Ramblings ride is authorized for the 8:07 train and is the reason we cannot get authorization for the Sound Cylcists ride to go on that train. There is also a film crew riding that train with equipment, so that, too, influenced MetroNorth's decision.

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Susan Rodetis (not verified)
"I'm sure I can ""share"" some spots within my group RR permit"

"Hi, all -

I had asked for a group permit for the 8:07 bike train, and from reading these posts, it looks like I have it. I had also asked anyone interested in my ride to RSVP (which people tend to do at the last minute).

At present I only have a few confirmed requests, plus the 2 leaders. But I think there will be ""room"" for a number of cyclists to attend the all class event under my group. I'm putting aside 5 slots right now, and if there's room as of 9PM on Friday night, I'll post that to the Bulletin Board also. (I'll be out of touch all day Saturday doing a long ride in NJ down to Frenchtown/New Hope.

You can also take your chances that I'll have a lot of no shows and thus space available and show up on Sunday in GCT with me, first come, first served, for those who have not reserved and gotten confirmation in advance.

How's that sound?

SO -- RSVP to me (and please, don't waste the slot by being a no-show) for the first extra 5 slots available. And I'll probably be able to open up more later.

Best to all,
Susan Rodetis
[email protected]


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Fred Steinberg (not verified)
Sound Cyclist Rides & train schedule

The Sound Cyclist ride schedule works with the following trains:
B Ride, EAP 18.5-19 mph, 8:00 /8:15, F/R, 60 miles, no train,
B- Ride, EAP 17 mph, 9:00/9:15, R/H, 42.5 miles, 8:07 train
C+ Ride, EAP 15.5 mph, 9:00/9:15, R/H, 35 miles, 8:07 train
C Ride, EAP 13-14 mph, 9:30/9:45, F/R, 32 miles, 8:07 train
D+ Ride, EAP 12-13 mph, 10:00/10:15, FR 21 miles, 9:07 train
D Ride, EAP 11.0-12.0 mph, 9:45/10:00, F/R, 21 miles, 9:07 train
E Ride, EAP 10-11 mph, 9:45/10:00, F/R, 18 miles, 9:07 train

EAP is the expected average pace. F/R= flat/rolling (may have a couple of short hills). R/H=rolling/hilly (may have some steep hills).

EAP makes the ride faster than NYCC's equivalent pace.

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