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Is it feasible to commute from the UWS to Yonkers on a safe biking route in a reasonable amount of time?

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Rob Marcus (not verified)

Safe, yes! Reasonable time, depends on your definition.
I would say it is faster than the #1 Train and a bus.

Take the Greenway to Dyckman for the City portion. In Riverdale to Yonkers, try Riverdale Ave or Broadway, depending on what part of Yonkers.

Check The Ride Cue sheets here or I can send you one.

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mike p (not verified)

where in yonkers? Yonkers is very hilly and the roads really suck for bicycles in your going east-west. the north south roads on the west side are the best for bicycling. The metro north one way is also a good option for one way.

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