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Try to make a long story short...

I was struck by a passenger door while riding in a bike lane in Cambridge two months ago. The impact partially amputated my left index finger and caused me to land on and dislocate my right shoulder. Was a painful, scary accident, but the follow-up has been the most difficult part. Bills will end up being about $20k for surgeries, ot, pt, etc. I do have a lawyer and am hoping to at least get all of my costs recouped.

Anyways, my question is of less financial significance, but involves the estimate of the bike's damages. I took it to my local shop and they said no damage was done. I balked at this because pre-accident I could have rode all day with no hands, but the bike was all over the place when I finally rode it to the shop for the estimate. Headset, fork, cosmetic damage- it certainly became a different bike because of the accident. I should put the disclaimer out that it was my ratty, undersized Scott mountain bike that I could maybe hustle $200 for. Still, the principle...

My question is about the legal/ethical implications of taking it to another shop(s) for an estimate. Should I disclose that this is the second place I have brought it to? Is it possible that a passenger door could have damaged the headset? How about cosmetic damages on an older bike?

Any help would be appreciated. The bike has been kicked around for a long time on rainy days, but I rode it to Montreal, across Utah, and all over New York, so would like to get it working again.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
The principle

"It will never be the same. Never.

Salvage what parts you can and throw the frame/fork away. (This one was so bad I couldn't get the fork out to salvage the headset.)

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mike pidel (not verified)

hopefully the amount of 200 dollars becomes insignificant with your injuries and a fair settlement. Get another estimate anyhow it may make you fell better..ouch
What type of laws does mass. have concerning bicyclist and dooring? Is it no fault like nys?

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