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"I'm a 6',190# rider,on a Kestral Talon SE model w/ full dura ace components....every time I stand and put some ""umph"" on the pedals(especially when going up hill)there is a sound coming from somewhere,either the bottom bracket?,or the rear wheel?...I can't for the life of me locate the source....any help???"

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Susan R (not verified)
clicking when pedaling

"I have a relatively new (1800 miles) Merlin Cielo with an FSA carbon compact crank. Had some clicking at times, from the crank area, for a while, when I pedaled strongly. Clicking was also in sync with each pedal rotation.

Asked a LBS person I trusted (in Vermont) about it and they said (sorry, the rest of this is my paraphrasing, and understanding) at times when there's a diff of materials betw. the bottom bracket/crank and the frame and dissimilar materials thread/join that the fit can be not perfect, so they ""pack"" it and that generally lasts for a season.

My ""clinking"" seems to have gone away in the meantime, so I did not need to explore that or other repair options any further."

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kara (not verified)

exactly .. I have the same thing(much cheaper bike though) has happened three times now in the past year or so - where the bottom bracket comes loose (or something)and I hear this clicking when pedeling.. everytime it has happened has been after a long ride 100 miles give or take with lots of hills.... I took it into toga they just tightened the sucker right up.. this time they took the crank off and put it back on again...sound gone. All fixed - I gather it just happens.

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Rob Marcus (not verified)

If you set-up the bike on a Trainer , yours or a friend and stand up and crank it while standing on your lower gears it should mimic the situation. Have someone try to focus on the sound.

Oh yeah, try not to have them get to close to the pedaling so they go home with their teeth in tack

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Kay Gunn (not verified)
what Rob said..

But have your friend listen thru a long a wrapping paper roll or PVC pipe. It will help locate the sound and save your friends teeth.

Also, I had the same symptons. It was my wheel. I easily determined this by swapping out my wheels. The sound followed the wheels and not the bike. If you don't have a spare wheel, borrow one from a friend's bike.

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Kris (not verified)
check your skewers

Long time ago I had an annoying clicking sound every time I stood up. It turned out to be my front skewer that wasn't tightened enough. It was tight enough to hold the wheel in place, but I guess it was just loose enough to click when I was out of the saddle.

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dennis (not verified)

"thanks...I've taken it to a very well known bike shop down by the jersey shore.....w/ no results except the loss of using my bike for days...while the ""ace"" mech could/nt determine the one day of this post,at least I have some direction to go on....Thanks....D"

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