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Attn all expert cyclists!!!!
We are currently casting a BMW print advertisement and we are looking for Caucasian & Asian men and women, 32-42 yrs old that are EXPERT CYCLISTS. The job shoots in the Vermont/New Hampshire area. Food and lodging will be provided and you will be paid for your time. The rate is $500 per day for a three day shoot. Please email me back at [email protected] if you are interested with a picture of yourself and your cycling history. The casting will be TOMORROW, Aug. 9th 2006 in NYC. Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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John Z (not verified)

"""...we are looking for Caucasian & Asian men and women...""

Did you think before you typed this?"

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bill vojtech (not verified)
Yah, the racism, but what about...

32-42 yrs old... the ageism.


EXPERT CYCLISTS... the elitism? How expert do you have to be for STILL PHOTOS? They say it's a print ad.

Obviously, they have a certain demographic they're marketing to.

So if you're younger than 32, older than 42, not an expert cyclist not caucasian or asian, they don't want your business. So don't give it to them.

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velojew (not verified)

chill man its just an ad.

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bill vojtech (not verified)

Do I have to put a silly smiley face on it so you know I was kidding?

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Claudette (not verified)

""" and women THAT are expert cyclists?"" Our schools suck.

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Greg Faber (not verified)

BMW is gonna start making bikes now?

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George Arcarola (not verified)

... BMW will show you how to run down a cyclist properly.

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David R (not verified)
BMW Hate

I was hit by a BMW and an NYCC accident I witnessed last summer was with a BMW.

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GW (not verified)
Anyone wanna Cartool?

Use a clean, efficient, and fun mode of transportation as a way to promote and market fossil fuel burning oil war supporting inefficient performance vehicles. I love it! Sign me up!!

IDEA: Talent agency seeks bookish nerds -any age- to promote clean ULEV, SULEV, and hybrid vehicles. Ability to ride a bike not required. Leave ego and superego at the door. Alter-egos permitted.

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An anonymous cow! (Christian Edstrom) (not verified)

Hybrids are a chimera. Buy a fuel efficient regular car , if you must, and try to drive as little as possible. Better yet, buy a FreeRadical (with a Stokemonkey, maybe).

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