8/9/06 Nyack B-Ride

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I'd like to join the River Road ride to Piermont or Nyack tomorrow morning. Is it still happening? (Meets at 9:30am at the Eleanor Roosevelt statue, if I'm not mistaken...)

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Jay (not verified)
Maggie usually posts whether it is going by Tues eve

If the ride goes, I'm doing part of it.

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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)
Please sign up here...

... if you'd like to join us.

But it looks like we're ON because we have Virginia and Jay and myself, for a total of three! (Virginia, please sign on so I know you haven't cancelled.)

Yes, this ride leaves from 9.30 at Eleanor Roosevelt. We go up River Road for lunch in Piermont or Nyack. Back on NYC side of GWB by 2 or 2.30.

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Antonio (not verified)
I'm on (nm)
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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)
we're ON!

See you all at 9.30 at Eleanor.


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Virginia (not verified)

I'm still on! YAY also!!! See you tomorrow!

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Morene Bangel (not verified)
Wed. 9:30 ride to Piermont/Nyack

I also plan on joining this ride. Hope to see others!

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Grant Mandsager (not verified)

If a sign up is still necessary, I'm in.

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