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Has anyone been on Ciclism Classico or Bicycle Adventures? Any other companies to recommend for well organized - lots of riding trips?

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Jay (not verified)
Ciclismo & Bike Advents

Have been on 8 or 9 Ciclismo trips--excellent riding, bikes, guides, itins and food - the hotels are typically 3 star & sometimes the A/C isn't perfect and many don't have pools. BTW the Sardinia/Corsica tour is their best.

Went on Bike Advent tour in Hawaii. It was OK, not great.
altho some people rave about them. Also did Backroads tour in Hawaii (& 12 other Backroads tours) Unless the Bike Advent tour is significantly less $$$, I would go w/Backrds.

Let me know if u have any specific ?'s.

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Deb (not verified)

I actually went on a backrounds trip and was not too impressed, but I went to Thailand and it was sort of a weird trip- the leaders went their own way at one point and left a bunch of us to get back on our own and we were in Thailand! (and it was not becuase we were not keeping up)so not a great experience-why would you recommend them over CC?

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Christophe Jammet (not verified)


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Carol (not verified)

"Pick one of their tours labeled ""301"" or ""401"" for more challenging cycling. Always well organized, good food, good hotels, good leaders, but a bit less expensive than most other companies."

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Jay (not verified)

I have gone on almost 15 trips with Backroads, including Thailand and other 3rd world countries and nothing like that has happened on any of them.
If it had I would have immediately contacted their top management and knowing them they would have responded in a positive manner..
They are extremely successful and most of their trips are filled with repeat customers.
As I indicated Ciclismo is also excellent in most respects--it boils down to how willing one is to pay more for a more luxurious trip.

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
LaCorsa is owned by former NYCC members.

Howard and Lori Turoff live right across the river. Their trips are well received. They're doing one in the Dordogne (SW France)in October. That is a terrific place and time to ride. URL:

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