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Imagine my surprise as I sat watching Sportscenter with my breakfast cereal when a familiar name popped up in the X Games report. Christian (anonymous cow) looks to have won the gold medal in one of the rally car events. Congrats!

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Claudette (not verified)

That's excellent. Here's more:

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

Thanks David.

All in all, a big surprise. Neither Travis or I thought it was at all possible that we'd win, but it just goes to show, with a little luck, you never know what the results might be.

- Christian

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Colleen (not verified)
not just luck!

Having read your posts the past few years, and listening to you talk about cycling, I doubt that much luck was involved. Congratulations!

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Mark Gelles (not verified)
Your big win

"So Christian, will you sign my son's skate board ?? This will get me some points w/him as he is sure to think this is ""awesome"" congrats.......mark"

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George Arcarola (not verified)
tres cool

Add the name of Christian Edstrom to the pantheon of famous NYCC members!!!

It goes without saying that behind every great man, there's a great woman... don't you agree Ivy?

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Ivy (not verified)

I don't know about that George. I'm usually out in front of Christian. ;)

If you missed the chance to see Christian and Travis win the X Games gold medal live on ABC yesterday, I am sure that Christian would be happy to have you over to watch it on tivo. In all seriousness, it was a pretty exciting race and I cheered loudly, in spite of myself.

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Wayne Wright (not verified)
ESPN no less!

I think it's safe to say that if you go on an NYCC ride led by Christian, the cue sheet will be accurate. Congratulations Christian!

And I thought you had to be under the age of 21 to compete in the X Games ...

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George Arcarola (not verified)
not true

Actually, the guy that won the motorcross today did so at the advanced age of 45!!!!

God, I'm gettin' old!

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Yogi (not verified)
ABC Sports also

"I was flipping the channels on Sat after a short ride and I watched the Rally stage race on ABC and I told my friend this is what Christian likes to do when he’s not on a bike.

Then I saw – hey, That IS Christian. with name and Swedish flag decal on the car. but no mention of the Nameless Bovine?

It was quite exciting. Drivers went flying off the road out of contention, big jumps that put cars out of commission, crushed tires, engine fires and all. But I didn’t know it was live though.

The first place car’s rollover yards from the finish line was quite thrilling, because the car righted itself and finished seconds behind the Cow’s and Travis’ time. That whole ""turning before they landed thing"" cost them the race.

Congrats Christian! Do you ever yell ""Holy Cow, slow down man?""

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Congratulations, Anonymous Cow-Driver!

And what an X Games for Travis Pastrana!

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

Yeah, let's hope he never tries that again!

- Christian

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