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So Ed isn't the only person who can create a favorable M:F ratio. Sorry there are no scenery shots; It was enough for me just to keep up!

Thanks again!

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carl (not verified)
saturday's ride

Great pics, Claudette!
I, too, helped improve the M:F ratio for you, but am sorry I missed the group.

When I got my flat on mile 34 or so, I realized my tire got blown out. Even a power bar wrapper could'nt hold. Had to get to a bike shop in Park Ridge, for a new tire. Knowing I'd never catch-up, I followed your route to Gate Hill, but then went to the Bear Mtn Bridge, up to Cold Spring and across 301 to Ridgefield CT. I, too, got over 100 miles for the day.

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Claudette (not verified)

We were wondering what happened to you. Wishing we had given you a cell #!!
Glad you're OK.

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chris o (not verified)
Another casualty

Like Carl, I had mechanical issues so missed you all at lunch. I got 2 flats on my front tire. After the second one, I bore right at Gate Hill Rd. and the next thing I knew I was at 9W north of Haverstraw. At that point, instead of digging deeper, I just headed home. I ended up with 94 miles.

And I got home in time to see some crazy Rally Car racing. ABC did a good job, or so I thought, of dramatizing the race as Pastrana and Edstrom held on against the apparently legendary Colin Macrae. The race, in many stages, was close and intense - .5 seconds separated the top 2 coming into the last stage. Pastrana, with Edstrom, put down a great time in the final stage. Along comes McCrae, who was having a blistering race when with just seconds he missed a jump and rolled the car. BUT he ended upright on his wheels and gunned it to the finish line, missing victory by a mere .5 seconds. WOW!

I never saw or cared or knew nothing about Rally Car racing, but that was fun to watch!

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Claudette (not verified)
Hi Chris

Boy, is that bad luck! We were wondering what happened to you! I was talking to you and then all of a sudden you were gone. I thought you were off the front...
Glad you are OK.

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