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Help out this unemployed schoolteacher. I was lucky enough to recently win a brand new Trek bike in a contest. Alas, it is quite a waste on me as I am a three time NYC Marathoner and my preferred mode of transportation are my legs. I am trying to sell the bike (still in the box) to someone who will appreciate and enjoy it and is passionate about biking. Not looking to make a ton of money. Really want to just be fair. If you were looking for a new bike anyway, instead of buying it from your local store - you can take it off my hands. The box it is in is pretty huge and I am having problems storing it. 17.5 inch frame. Contact me for more details.

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kara (not verified)

Hi Missy,
Not interested in the bike, but did just start interviewing for an opening that just occured for a special ed teacher at a wonderful small not-for-profit sp-ed elementary school - if your interested in applying send an email! :)

[email protected]

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Alli (not verified)

i'm interested in the bike. e-mail me with price, etc.


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