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If you live in WaHi or Inwood or find yourself travelling south on Seaman Ave from the B'way bridge, and haven't had an opportunity to visit Tread's new location on Dyckman next to the Getty Station, I highly recommend it. The new space is very nice. Wide open, airy, well-organized, with a larger selection of clothes, accessories, tools and equipment than I recall seeing in the old store. The owner told me recently that the new location has come with an unexpected benefit: more cyclists and triathletes are noticing the store than they ever did when it was located just across the street. The staff seems eager to serve and ready to face the challenges of dealing with higher end bicycles and the riders they come with. I had to have a brake cable replaced today and they did it in a matter of minutes. A friend of mine walked in with a derailleur problem she thought would require leaving the bike; again, it was fixed while she waited. Also, the staff is really nice. I happen to be a Sid's fan, but would welcome the opportunity not to have to travel miles from my home to have my bike serviced.

If you tried it before, give it another chance. You might be pleasantly surprised!

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Cat (not verified)
thanks 4 the tip. . .

& if anyone's hip to a good LBS in SoBro, let us kno

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Rich Conroy (not verified)

Tread also has a store on 230th in the Bronx, just west of Broadway. It used to be a Sids. There's a reason why Tread has it now and Sids doesn't: The Sids service and prices there were awful. The Tread service is helpful, friendly, etc. etc. Ozzie, the owner of Tread knows what he's doing. I couldn't say the same of Sids after visiting their Bronx location several times.

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mb (not verified)
To clarify-Sid's at 34th, not 230th

By the way, to clarify,I actually meant the Sid's 34th St. location, which is managed by Allen (sp?), son of the original Sid. The Riverdale location was a joke. I probably don't have all of my facts straight, but from what I understand, the Riverdale store was still being run by Sid. My impression, whenever I ventured in, was that Sid should have retired long before he did. On the other hand, I really think his son does an excellent job, and have had some very good experiences with the Manhattan store...it's just way the heck too far away. Ozzie told me that it actually took him several years to convince Sid to sell his Riverdale location. Ozzie also mentioned that he's had a hard time convincing his Riverdale clients they don't have to travel down to Dyckman St. for service anymore. I imagine people will start gaining trust in the Riverdale location as Ozzie continues working to improve Tread's reputation over all. In my opinion, it's all good!

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