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I'm kind of new to road riding and need to buy some new shoes, pedals etc. I know next to nothing about this stuff and need a little handholding. Are there any shops in Manhattan (preferably below 42nd St.) that a known for providing good service?


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Katie (not verified)
Before you get blasted...

"There's a search function on the website. this is an often asked and much debated question...

personally I happen to like ""A"" on 14th but I think people might not agree. they are my LBS.

but use the search function and you'll be able to find a whole bunch of different opinions.

Good luck!
welcome aboard!"

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adjudy (not verified)

I love the guys at Toga, 64th and West End. Talk to Will, he'll help you find what you need without under/over selling you. Have a great time!

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Rob (not verified)
Best Bike Shop south of 42nd

Sid's Bike Shop on 34th and 2nd has always been straightforward with me and given me good advice. I've bought 2 bikes there and numerous other items over the years. Also, they were named by the industry's magazine as one of the top 100 bike shops in the US.

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Christophe (not verified)

in the city, i'm a big fan of Bicycle Renaissance. they guys are cool, they sell great bikes, and they have pretty good wrenches. overall though, i'm a fan of the piermont shop. Jason's a great fitter, and Glen can usually get you what you need

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somebody (not verified)
Bike Shop

"Until today, I would have always responded ""Conrad's"" to this question, but after an unmentionable experience there today, I have to say it is Sid's. I've always been treated without an ""attitude"" and with respect there, no matter how much I spent, or didn't."

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anonymous (not verified)

but Conrad's is the only place that can make a bike work right.

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Conrad's (not verified)

Conrad's a little above 42nd street is great.

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Susan Rodetis (not verified)
Good bike shoe shopping experience at . . .

, , , Piermont Bike Shop. I have feet with fitting issues, and don't dare rely on ordering foot gear through the mail. After trying around several good NYC bike stores w/o success, I found the widest selection of good shoes at that shop.

Be prepared to take plenty of time to try diff models. And of course best not to do it on a sweltering day when your feet tend to be oversized (although come winter cold, that might then allow for more layering! )


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Natalia Lincoln (not verified)
Bicycle Habitat

Lafayette and Spring Street. Those guys have given me a lot of help and great service over the years. Highly recommended.

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Paul (not verified)

I hear great things about Sid's but have never been there

I don't like Gotham Bikes or Bicycle Renaissance as I always seem to get some cocky salesman that thinks he gets paid for proving how much I don't know.

I have had good experience at Bicycle Habitat

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Marcella (not verified)

"Avoid Bicycle Renaissance at all cost. I was once told to leave my purse outside of the dressing room ""because of the risk of theft"" while I tried on jerseys. They were not amused when I told them that my purse had a lower chance of being stolen if I kept it with me.
(FYI the purse I had with me that day was the size of a seat bag and could not have held a Gu gel much less a jersey). Needless to say, I have not been back.

Their inventory of many products is also crammed into cabinets behind the counter and not available for view.

Bad kharma all the way around."

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Tom Laskey (not verified)
Bicycle Renaissance

I've been a customer of BR for at least the last 9 years. They are my LBS of choice. The staff there is generally extremely helpful and they have gone out of their way for my wife and I on numerous occasions. Their top mechanic - Steve - is one of the best in the city. Anyone can have a bad experience in any shop but over the years I've found the BR staff has been consistent in their excellent service.

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Christophe (not verified)

i agree. after going to Metro cycles for a while and being fed up with the indifferent service and long waits, i decided to start going to Bicycle renaissance. The guys that work there are extremely approachable and knowledgeable, especially shane and gus. they also have a pretty quick turn around time on mechanical fixes.

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David C. (not verified)
Metro Cycles at 96th

As someone aptly observed in an earlier thread, one can have a negative experience with any bike shop. I seem to have had a few with Toga, the shop from whom I bought my most recent bike (and who did not come through for me in a crucial instance recently -- luckily two shops in Scotland and a shop in London were incredibly generous with their time and help).

Be that as it may, my wife, Colleen, and I have had great experiences with the Metro Bikes on 96th near Broadway on the Westside. We've mostly worked with Dave or John, but all the guys there have been great. I bought my bike before the last one with them, and Colleen bought her present bike from them. They've done a great job on service of those bikes and helped us out in a lot of ways.

Of course, this is not so relevant for the original poster (looking for a shop below 42nd), but it might be relevant to those inclined to dismiss all of the Metro cycle store line. We, at least, have had good experiences with the Westside store.

For what it's worth,


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Evan Marks (not verified)
Second what Marcella is saying

I have NEVER had a good experience at BR.

Gimme Conrad's and Pedal Pusher.

No, that's not right - gimme the internet, my own tools, and once in a blue moon Conrad's or Pedal Pusher.

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Fred (not verified)
Habitat and Sids

I had an excellent experience at Bicycle Habitat buying my first pair of clipless pedals. I needed a lot of handholding and they were patient and accomodating. Made recommendations (which turned out to be on the very inexpensive side of the price scale, by the way), let me try out several different models, gave me some tutoring, watched me ride up and down the block, clipping in and out, made some additional adjustments, watched me again ride up and down the block, all before making the final sale. Had similar good experience buying new shoes there. No pressure, no superior attitudes. I'm also a big fan of Sids, which is closer to where I live and a bit roomier. Have bought 2 bikes there, had a fitting, bought lots of other stuff -- all with friendly service.

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fhacklander (not verified)

having lived on the UWS and having visited the LBS's there, i cannot, in good conscience, recommend either renaissance or toga. in the ase of the former,was led astray at the initial fitting and no amount of revamping made a difference. renaissance? you've got to be joking! more attitude than one could possibly imagine. metro on either the east or west side? more joking. my first bike in nyc was purchased at a metro (86th street?) on the UES when i lived at 90th street. no help whatsoever. abysmally high prices? absolutely! my favorite store in the city has been conrad's. problems on occasion? of course as no store is without fault, but still my best all around experience. now i live across the bridge as one of the B&T types in NJ. piermont in tenafly? some of the guys there remind me of people at toga. in piermont itself, have had good experiences and bad experiences. ultimately, best experience has been at conrad's. perhaps, because i have been a strong proponent. perhaps because i spent gobs of money there. who knows. at the end of the day, john has take care of me. the best deal in town? doubtful. but, a reasonable deal with comparatively more than adequate follow-on serivce, yes. still, i prefer my new 4-wheeled wonder. cuts the time to bear mtn to a fraction. comletely impractical for transporting bikes, but that's life. the moral of this sad tale is that nyc'ers will endlessly debate the merits of various bicycle shops ad nauseamu. at the end of the day, only your experience will matter. otherwise, caveat emptor. and, for my money, given that high end titanium and carbon fiber bikes have appreciated so greatly in price, you could be better off (and have a more practical alternative) buying a porsche.

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rbj (not verified)
bicycle workshop in tenafly, nj

is, in my experience, the best in the nyc 'area' - can't even compare to nyc shops in terms of service, expertise, lack of attitude, and just generally great guys. unfortunately it's not below 42nd st, but it's worth the ride/drive out there!

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