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I've been following the thread about the Greenway around Manhattan here:

I'm wondering if anyone here can offer some input into my question:

Anyone ridden the greenway around the bottom of the island? I'm considering commuting to work; I live the east village and work on west houston. Honestly, a straight shot isn't worth the effort of getting a bike out. I can walk it in 20 minutes. But I wouldn't mind the exercise if I could ride a longer route. Maybe pick up the greenway east of the village and ride around the bottom of the island back up to houston.

Any input on how this route would work?

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Alan (not verified)
Bottom of Manhattan

I haven't ridden through there for a couple of months, but there has been a lot of construction around the area near the ferry terminal. If you are coming down the path on the East Side, your route basically empties into the parking lot around the ferry terminal. You have to pick your way through Battery Park until you get to the beginning of the path on the West Side, which is right in fron of the Ritz-Carlton. It's do-able but probably not that pleasant a ride on the East Side and through the park.

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chris (not verified)
nice ride

It is a nice easy ride around the bottom of the island. Can be all done on the bike path (If my memory serves me well.)

Though due to ongoing construction, there are some short term/changing issues just west of the Statan Island Ferry Terminal.

Try it on a weekend to see how it goes. Then on weekdays be sure to avoid the still sleepy commuters crossing the bike paths (especially around The World Financial Centers)

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Danny (not verified)

Thanks Chris. Any input on where I would pick it up, etc? Or a map (so I could stop asking stupid questions and figure it out for myself ;-)

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journeyman (not verified)

There are two openings from the East Village - E. 10th Street and East Houston. Just ride towards the East River and ride up and over the ramp. Head south towards South Street and follow the route towards the west side.

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chris (not verified)
under FDR

The path on the east village side is mostly under or just east of the FDR. The east side's path is not as good as the west side (especially midtown and north.)

There are separate bike and walking paths, though there are often pedestrians on the bike path. By the way: It gets messy at the South Street seaport along with the previously mentioned areas.

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