cycling pollutes and wastes energy ????

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Basically, you cycle, live longer and end using more fuel. Oh really:,0,245150...

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April (not verified)
It's entertaining.

"until the end, that is.

Any cyclist worth his/her 10 speed can fix a ""blown tire"" without having to call for a pick up."

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Claudette (not verified)
What an idiot.

"So then we ought to stop EVERYTHING that makes people live longer then?

Let's start by getting rid of that demon, insulin. LOTS of folks would have shorter lives if it weren't for that! And those folks use up way more resources than us fit cyclists!

Angioplasty? Fuhgeddaboutit. Transplant surgery? Just say no. Seat belts? Cut 'em all.

What genius! That editorialist deserves a Pulitzer. And that ""Wharton researcher"" oughta go out and have a couple of Big Macs on me.


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bill vojtech (not verified)

"The writer is obviously making fun of the study. He also knows nothing about flat tires and cycling. He's not to be condemned for that.

In a similar vein I once put forth the idea that those concerned about ""global warming"" should welcome bird flu as it would theoretically kill off 40-60% of the population, thereby lowering energy consumption and the ""greenhouse gas"" that go with them. Obviously I was not serious– neither is the writer.

The researchers have their heads up their butts."

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JP (not verified)

Malthus was an 18th century philosopher who postualted that war, disease, catastrophies and the like are good because they keep a lid on over-population. I guess he'd hate cycling ... unless cycling inhibits reproduction.

I guess some Darwin Award jokes are forthcoming ;-)

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bill vojtech (not verified)

"Factor in the spate of cycling fatalities we've had and cycling may just turn out to be 'eco-friendly"" in the eyes of the researchers."

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