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Saw a few guys getting pulled over around 7am today for going through a red at the bottom of the hill by the Swiss Chalet on the west side. They did have a park warden slowing cyclists at the light, so it was fairly obvious, but it seems this crackdown is continuing...

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[email protected] (not verified)

"Yes, but they were kind of tricking you because they were slowing you down and saying (this was about 6:57am same place as stated above)""please move into the bike lane"" and they were in the middle of the road a few feet in front of the light SO if you moved into the bike lane and continued to ride through the light if it was red then they ticketed you.. but it was kind of like you thought you were doing the correct thing and following their directions and moving over...

It was green when I went through and moved into the bike lane that was the only reason why I didn't get one.

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Danny (not verified)

A traffic officer's directions are always to be taken first and foremost, before any other signage or lights. Perhaps those ticketed could use that arguement to fight the tickets (the warden was there directing traffic; I was simply following directions). Dunno, might work/help.

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Russ (not verified)

My sense of the good news about this is that the police are concentrating on this particular location at the bottom of the 86th street downhill and are pretty relaxed about other lights, especially further uptown on the west side. I wouldn't stake my family fortune on its working every time, but I've recently run the lights at the top and bottom of the Great Hill in the clear presence of the law without incident, although warning and ticketing were obviously taking place at the same time at the downtown location (where I now regularly stop for red lights). Many of us tend to accelerate down that 86th Street hill and through the crosswalk which is often blind because of cars stopped at the light. It's actually pretty dangerous, both for bikes and peds, and the enforcement effort strikes me as legit. For that matter, and for essentially the same reason, I take that crossing pretty easy when the light is green.

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