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Can anyone recommend a (round) cycling trip s/he has done from NYC to another American or Canadian city? Some thing in the range of 400-600 miles that could be done in 4-6 days. I was thinking of NYC-Boston-NYC (about 600 miles) or Boston-Montreal-Boston (750 miles; this probably needs 7-8 days.) And is anyone interested in doing a trip like that any time after mid August? Last week I cycled from Niagara Falls to NYC (420 miles in 4 days) in a group of 4. It is a good trip that I recommend.
There is online software that generates off-highway cue sheets between any number of destinations. So plotting a route is not a problem.
If you are interested email me at saldokan AT hotmail DOT com.


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Ed (not verified)

what is this software?

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Sam (not verified); choose directions; specify start and end destinations; click Advanced Options; mark the Off-Highway radio button; click Get directions.
The above is free. If you want to pay for more advanced software check

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el jefe (not verified)

"Boston-Montreal-Boston can be done in less than 2 days:"

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