Sandy Hook

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"Thanks Ed, Piera and Jimmy... what fun!
And hats off to Christy for arranging the POLICE ESCORT over the Goethals Bridge. We were minor celebrities!

Despite the blisteringly hot sand, we managed to take a dip in the ocean at the end. And Ed was able to sport his ""elephant"" g-string. Too bad my camera was safely ashore!

Thanks again!

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Police escort?

Sounds like a guerilla crossing to me.


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Claudette (not verified)
It was

Most excellent. It was a strange ride in many ways. All through the ride, we had such positive feedback from motorists (?!?) and other random people. We were like minor celebrities along route 35.

In my short cycling career, never before have we had more positive honkings of horns and an overwhelmingly *nice* reaction to our being out on the road.

Let's hope it's the start of a new cycling karma.

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Christophe (not verified)

Hey! that was a great time! It's been about 2 yrs since my last NYCC ride (away for school) and it's good to be back!

the police escort was definitely the best part...

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AlfredoGarcia (not verified)
which ferry did you take back to NYC?

If you all got back to Manhattan by boat, it would be Seastreak. But which one---Highlands or at Sandy Hook (near Post Theater @ the North end) itself?

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Christy Guzzetta (not verified)

"I hear the Nude Beach ride is the leading candidate for the ""Most scenic ride of the year"" award.

Any good pictures?

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Claudette (not verified)

Here they are. Sorry, no nudies. But then, we needed you there for inspiration, Christy!!

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Christophe Jammet (not verified)

Great Pictures!!

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Liane (not verified)
nude beach ride

i'm still recovering from the nude beach ride we did (gosh was that 15 years ago?). i remember the elephant trunk!
sorry i missed this year's ride.

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