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I moved into a Hoboken mid-rise a couple of weeks ago and I'm looking for a place to wash my bike (self-serve car wash?). I'd appreciate any suggestions.

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Robert Marcus (not verified)

A) Bike
b) Towel
c) Park, playground or in front of your home against a tree
d) Bucket
e) Bike wash, Many can be sprayed on and wiped off, or a lil dawn and water
f) Wipe dry.

A hose or pressure spay can force water into the areas of the bike that moisture should not get into, ie bottom bracket. Normal rain or muddy conditions will not harm the bike if you dry the bike off.

Good luck

PS in the resource section ther is a sheet on cleaning your bike

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)

Bath tub. Or: Put bike in bike stand. Get a bucket of hot sudsy water. Put newspapers down under bike.

Use one rag to wipe down bike. Change to clean water. Use another to wipe off suds.

Apply Cleanstreak to chain to remove gunk. Then lube with white lightening.

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