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I just put on a new chain(I'm doing some major overhauling, if no one has noticed all my posts yet), and where I joined the chain, and put the pin in, the link is super tight, and won't un bend. I always have this problem with new chains, and can't figure out how to remedy it. Any suggestions?



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Tony Rentschler (not verified)
Chain tool use

To loosen the link, you need to reverse the chain tool and push the new pin out a very slight amount. This is SOP. The Park Tools site has some instructions you may find useful:

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"Chainwheel" (not verified)
Stiff link

"""the link is super tight, and won't un bend.""

Make very sure that the pin extends equally on both sides. Use a good light and magnifier if necessary. Push the pin in or out until it is even. If it's still stiff, bend the chain laterally until the link frees up.

Be very careful if this is a 10-speed chain. Having a chain come undone while climbing out of the saddle can ruin your whole day.



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Ted Gore (not verified)
kink in my chain...


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