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Just got this on a Critical Mass list serve. Very disturbing for me, especially as I was recently doored amputating part of a finger and causing my shoulder to become dislocated. I now live in Boston where the streets might be even meaner than New Yorks!

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David R (not verified)

oops, here it is:

Here is the lowdown:

Nationally Syndicated radio show promotes violence toward bicycle

On July the 13th 2006, multiple cyclists heard nationally syndicated
show host PK of the Playhouse make repeated request for his listeners
to call
him and tell on-air about how they have perform acts of violence to
while driving. The show originates from the studios of KXJM in
Oregon and is broadcast in 12 national markets. Mysteriously, the
archive of the show has been removed and the radio station is refusing
to make
it available to us to hear and give to the FCC. Here in Portland,
Oregon there
has been an increase of reports of drivers harassing and throwing stuff
cyclists since the broadcast. More information about how you can help
us and
the cyclists threatened in the 12 other markets is available at:


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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
Disk jockeys fired for doing essentially this in CA c. 2 yrs ago

I think it was two years ago that a couple smart aleck disk jockeys who worked together in, as I recall, San Jose, but certainly in California made comments encouraging drivers to hurt cyclists. A firestorm followed, and that, if I recall correctly, was followed by an apology from the company owning the station, Clear Channel, and that was followed by a firing of the disk jockeys.

Then, more recently, this same thing happened in the Cleveland market. I think it was, again, a Clear Channel-owned station. The resulting firestorm was set in motion by a woman who owns a Cleveland bike shop. An apology was issued and the DJ silenced on that issue. I don't recall whether or not he was fired.

Lesson: Organize an outpouring of letters and calls and share them with the FCC which is known to assess stations heavy fines for dirty words; maybe they'll consider encouraging assault as invidious as a dirty word. Who knows, maybe they'll lift the station license on the ground the station is not serving the community's interest.

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
PSA Commercials FOR cyclists were aired by the station.

I neglected to mention in either the California or the Ohio case, but I think the one in Ohio, the radio station turned around, clearly under pressure, and aired a series of spots at no charge that called attention to cyclists' safety.

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Neile (not verified)
cycling trips