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"Let me tell you what I hate! I hate men who insist on cutting in front of you to walk up the stairs on the way over the GW... did I really look like i was going to take 40 min to walk up the stairs? Was my rear view going up the stairs tooo attractive for you to take at 8:00 in the morning?

1. Where are their man manners? I hate men who don't have man manners.

2. I hate men who assume that because you are a women you are a slow cyclist ...

......and as my friend (also female) and I smoked their male chauvinist asses on river road I neither said ""good morning"" nor ""hello"" as I left them in my dust!


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JP (not verified)

Anger is a great fuel source. Smoke those jerks again!!!

But is it males only? I mean, this time it may have been the boys, but next time ... ????

Anyway, smoke their sorry legs, male or female!!

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Richard Fliehr (not verified)

I have met (or have passed or have been passed) by many rude men and women. I guess having expensive gear and clothes gives you an excuse to be rude.

As a former rollerblader and jogger, I always thought that cyclist were by far the rudest, with the most self-entittled attitudes.

As a current cyclist, my initial impressions have not changed.

It is no wonder that most people in the city hate us.

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kara (not verified)

well.. i kind of have to disagree... I have found most cyclists to be really nice especially in the SIGS very welcoming to me especially when I first knew nothing...

I think roller-bladers act the most entitled.. they roller- blade down the center of the park legs a' swingin' taking up the road sometimes holding hands as human barriers.. I am always thinking I'm gunna go down 'cause of one of these guys one day!

I think these cyclists just weren't schooled by their mothers enough on how to be a gentleman...

(P.S. How did you know they were pimped out in cyclings' best to offer! You must be a psychic!)

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Anger is a drain

"Courtesy is in short supply in some quarters. Last night in Brooklyn, a hipster dood cut in front of me in the grocery store line. Then he spent the next uncomfortable minutes feigning that nothing happened. (I just had a massage, so I wasn't going to enlighten him.) How much better he could have felt about himself had he gallantly swept his arm forth and purred, Apres vous, madame. The discourteous are the real losers.

On the road, I'm not a particularly fast cyclist, especially climbing a hill on my fixed gear. However, more than one time have I trudged past a male tri-ath-e-lete (judging by the aero bars) who practically killed himself to overtake me. I could see one poor guy in my eyeglass mirror nearly give himself a heart attack while I kept a steady lead. They these guys make a show of speeding past on the downhill, sense and safety be damned. One charming fellow turned and spit five feet ahead of me.

Thank goodness for the pussycats out there. Two weeks ago, a couple of guys were doing repeats on Bear Mountain the same time as me. They were very fit, and as I struggled up Perkins on my fixie, they were descending. One guy called out, ""Looking good!"" He did it again on the next climb. I doubt I looked so great, but the encouraging words sure made me feel stronger.


P.S. Friendly competition is different--because it's fun. I have raced guys on my morning commute, arriving at work sweaty but smiling."

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Richard Fliehr (not verified)

Perkins repeats on a fixed? Wow...

What gear ratio were you rocking?

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Carol Wood (not verified)

...but don't confuse with me Mordecai or something. I have to work very hard.

My baby has a double-fixed rear hub: 65 and 72 inches. Am addicted to this bike, so if a ride needs gears, I don't go. (This year, at least.)

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Karol (not verified)

Thanks, Carol. Great message. Yes, and thanks to that cool guy in the CRCA yellow jersey and Discovery shorts who kept telling me Looking good! on River Road a few weeks back. I thought, see, that's a class act. He even looked a little like Thor Hushovd. No kidding.

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Karol (not verified)
sunday ride

Hey Kara,

I hope you can join us on Sunday, 9 am at Central Park boathouse for the fast women's ride. If you smoke me, I am already cheering. Btw, that's how guys often treat each other. It's not the girls' way. So that's what the fast women ride is for. :)

I think it was Bob Roll on OLN who said that a Tour rider needs a furious rage in his (her) belly (and that doesn't mean you don't like guys, just people with darn bad manners). Frustration is fabulous fuel.

You rock, Kara.

karolnyc AT hotmail DOT com

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Peter Brevett (not verified)

Gee, I guess it's kind of like an experience I have had a few times lately- being cut off by women because they think they are faster on climbs than me. :)

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Claudette (not verified)
What were you climbing? (nm)
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john grandits (not verified)
new climbing powers???

hey, good to see/hear your showing off your new climbing prowess on river rd.....must be the lung strength from all swimming

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kara (not verified)

I just pretend to be slow so I can watch your handsomeness riding in front of me! :)

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Fendergal (not verified)

Life is too short to get aggravated by every single idiot out there. There are too many of them, and only one of you. Choose your battles.

As for the statement that cyclists are entitled jerks, I believe that the percentage of these types holds across the board for all activities: driving, walking, running, blading.

And while we're on the subject of the stairs on the GWB, I'd like to request that everyone walk along the left side when climbing and descending. There is ample room for two-way traffic. Do not use the little metal ramp. Carry your bike so it is parallel with the hand railings, and not at an angle, blocking most of the stairway. Thank you.

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david (not verified)
taking the stairs

I've been taking the stairs, along with everyone else, on the gwb and recently fell down three step right onto my rear end. The problem is not with any rude cyclist but with a deliberate policy to create an impediment which at the least is negligent when other gates are left open and is obviously aimed at cyclists.

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Judith Tripp (not verified)
Speaking of the stairs . . . .

Does anyone know when the South walkway will be available again?

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