How's the riding in...Hampton Bays???

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Heading to the Hamptons for the first time this weekend...Hampton Bays, to be exact. Map here:

Should I take my bike? Ideally I'd like to get in a few fast 20-30-mile rides. Is this possible out there? Would I be better off heading east or west? Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

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Claudette (not verified)
Rotations South Hampton

Last week Marcy B. introduced me to their club. They leave at 8 am from Rotations cycle shop in South Hampton and they have some VERY fast riders (26-27). Rides are about 50 miles, with B ride as an option.

Ride costs $10 and they have muffins, bagels, coffee and juice afterwards. Also a pretty nice shop.

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Joe (not verified)

"It seems they also have some maps on their website:'ll%20find%20brief%20descriptions%20of%20the%20Bike%20Routes%20and%20Trails%20outlined%20in,%20""The%20Rotations%20Bicycle%20Center's%20Guide%20Book%20of%20Maps%20for%20the%20South%20Fork"""

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Hannah (not verified)
restaurant recommendations?

Sorry for not replying in time for your weekend, but I think the riding out there is really nice. Smooth roads, pretty scenery, gentle hills. The toughest climb around is probably that bridge from Hampton Bays to the barrier island.

Anyway, I'll be camping out there this weekend and would appreciate restaurant recommendations for any and all meals!


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