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Hi All,

I just moved into a tiny 4th floor apartment on the upper eastside and was wondering if anyone knows of some place that I can keep my bike? No space in my apartment and too many stairs make keeping my bike at home impossible....

I ride most days and the bike is worth way to much to be left out in public so I need somewhere secure that I can access regularly?

Any thoughts? Thanks for your help,


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Rob (not verified)
Biek Storage in Manhattan - Hang it

We have two bikes and we found a way to hang them on the wall with floor to ceiling rack. There are lots of other bolt-on methods out there. I'd strongly suggest getting one of them because storage near your place will cost mad cash and be inconvenient

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xarkadeousx (not verified)

Buy a bike rack and hang the bike up on one of your walls or maybe in the entrance foyer. I bought a $15 hook that lets you hang one bike on the wall. It's very convenient. Renting out a space in the city is going to be expensive plus a hasle to get to and take your bike out and put it back in after your rides.

arkadeous at gmail dot come

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Claudette (not verified)
Find a nearby parking garage

Some of them that are open 24 hours a day may have a place to store your bike. Even if they don't do this regulary, you might be able to strike a deal for not much $.

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markshelby (not verified)
Parking Garage?

Has this actually worked for anyone? I tried to pay a garage to park my bike in midtown a few years back and didn't even get far enough with any of them to discuss pricing.

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Bob (not verified)

I used to give the guys in the garage under my office building a few bucks to let me put my bike in some dead space on days I rode to work, but they kicked me out after 9/11. Until then it was a great arrangement.

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Mark (not verified)
Bike Storage

Thanks for the suggestions.

A bike hook would be best but the apartment is literally THAT small that there isn't a free wall to take it...

I looked at manhattan storage companies. There's one near me but they limit the number of times you can access per month.

Could ask about leaving the bike at work but that's a train ride from my place and the park where I want to ride.

At this rate I'll end up selling the bike and riding stationary at the gym :-(

NY sucks

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Fendergal (not verified)

I didn't read the whole thread, but did anyone suggest the kind of hook that you hang the bike by the front wheel? The bike would be vertical, and take up less horizontal space.

I managed to cram four bikes into a corner of my studio.

Where there's a will, there's a way.

And New York does *not* suck.

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brooklyn (not verified)
come on over

sell the apartment instead, and move to brooklyn where you can get something a little bigger!

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SoBro girl (not verified)

or the Bronx . . . . where you're MUCH closer to the GWB.

examine your priorities!

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don montalvo (not verified)
or queens...

...forest hills is beautiful and the express train gets you into manhattan fast. i moved from midtown to rego park in feb05 and my only regret was not doing it sooner.


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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

Perhaps a Dahon Speed or hot-rodded Brompton. Then you could stuff it in a closet, if it's wall space, not volume that is the scarce resource.

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