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He also didn't get a byline for the Landis doping page 1 story

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Popeye Doyle (not verified)

I was a little surprised by his final story--it sounded like he was phoning it in from home--he clearly wasn't anywhere near the tour, which was being covered by another guy who was with the riders.

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bikesherpa (not verified)

I get the feeling Sam may be getting too old to chase down the hot stories, he's been around a long time. You can still read some Sam Abt gems here and there in the International Herald Tribune.

For a nice break from the depressing Landis news, try this one: http://www.iht.com/articles/2006/07/23/sports/LANTERN.php

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
I wrote him (whom I know slightly). Will post his answer. (nm)
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Peter (not verified)

Long shot possibility: Maybe it was his comments about doping from an interview that appeared on Eurosport during the second week of the tour. I noticed that he was not writing stories for the Times a few days after that interview.

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

I don't think so. Ed Wyatt, who did the last week of tour coverage, emailed me the day of the prologue to say he was going to cover the the last week of the tour, so I think it was planned.

Even without Sam, I thought the coverage was very good.

- Christian

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Christy Guzzetta (not verified)

Ed Wyatt, who wrote about the Tour for the Times, took - and completed with flying colors - the A Classic SIG not too long ago. I remember well riding with him. Good rider, good writer, good guy,

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Chris T. (not verified)
Heard during the early stages...

on the OLN broadcast (Phil Liggett) that Sam had been granted an award for his many years of work at the TDF by the ASO.

No details about whether it was a medal or the nature of the award. And not a further word was heard about Sam Abt.

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
Sam Abt is well. Here's a note from him.

Hi, Richard: Good to hear from you and see how fit you are. Wish I could say the same. Thanks for your concern, but I did cover the Tour de France and my work is available on iht.com. The New York Times decided to use somebody else for the final week, a situation I have no control over. It was an exciting Tour with a most downbeat followup, which is still unraveling. Hope to see you at another race, Sam

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