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A kid wearing a sling threw stones at me as I descended Harlem Hill. I looked right at him and he laughed. On my next loop, I saw a police officer in one of those little golf cart things and told him. He was very responsive and followed me down the hill and flushed out two other stone-throwing kids as well as my guy.

Seems some young people have nothing better to do than to try to injure people. How sad. I stopped and talked to the kid who threw the stone at me and asked how he would feel if his mom couldn't work because some kid knocked her off of her bike. No clue if it had any impact, but at least I tried.

Be safe, folks!

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Rob (not verified)
This afternoon... kids throwing stones

This happened to one of my teammates a few weeks back too. She was hit but, fortunately, not hurt at about 6:00am in CP. The cops may have caught those kids but they might well have been the same ones that tried to hit you because the cops can't do much to them for this but call their parents. Because those kids did this in the first place, it seems unlikely that their parents will be effective in keeping this from happening in the future.

My advice to anyone who gets hurt or has even small damages from this kind of incident - sue their pants off. Sadly, it's the only way to make sure that these kids learn that this kind of behavior is wrong.

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Chaim Caron (not verified)
Sue Their Pants Off

>My advice to anyone who gets hurt or has even small damages from this kind of incident - sue their pants off.

As you might know from an earlier thread, I am opposed to frivolous litigation, but in this situation, I agree: sue!

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Ed (not verified)

Last week I was on the Old Putnam Greenway in Yonkers and had a few potshots taken at me with a pellet gun.

Is it open season on cyclists?

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Yet another reason to carry a cell phone

Program the CP Police precinct number into it: 212.570.4820

A glass bottle thrown from the rocks overlooking the pool once sailed past me and exploded on the ground nearby. I couldn't believe it then, and still can't believe how lucky I was that it missed.

Also, watch out for groups of kids on bikes swarming on both sides of the road, narrowing your path. One might ride towards you on an intercept course, suddenly leaping off and launching a bike at you like a torpedo. You WILL crash. Couldn't believe this when I saw it either.

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cprider (not verified)
kids trying to ride you off the road

"I tend to ride in the middle or near the left of the road in C.P. and on more than one occasion I have had one or more kids try to ride me to the far left-side of the road as they brake in front of me. It's usually to impress others on bikes or walking in their group. Nothing you can do but slow down to avoid a collision and then I usually tell them how ""cool"" they are.

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bill vojtech (not verified)

"Years ago, when I started my adult cycling, (I rode as a kid, but that does not count), I rode through Gerritsen Beach in Brooklyn. It's an area noted for it's ""insular"", (some would say ""inbred""), qualities. They don't like ""strangers."" Legend has it, they once corralled and beat up a bunch of Hell's Angels.

A little kid, no more than 5 or so tossed a brick at me, shot-put style. He missed. But it got the attention of larger miscreants who thought it was funny and decided to join in. Good thing I was faster than they were.

I must confess to my own childhood transgressions. My friends and I used to ride our cool ""sting rays"" in the local park. There were these dorky adults on ""ten speeders"" that would yell at us and tell us to ""ride straight!"" How boring! We liked to zig-zag! We made sport of trying, (and sometimes succeeding), in knocking them down.

Kids don't realize the consequences of their actions. That's why they need adult supervision."

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Claudette (not verified)

Perhaps there ought to be a small outpost at the bottom of that hill? Seems to be a hotspot for child bicycle and pedestrian terrorists.

Riding to the left is not safe, either. The kids hide in the trees just at the bottom of the hill on the left.

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