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Police set up a one lane solid cone to cone barrier this morning a little south of West 90th street. The cone completely blocked the inner car lane forcing all cyclists into either the runner's outside lane or to ride with the cars in the outside car lane. In addition, there were police at each light today along with a parks department car. What was the purpose of this? Cyclists were thinking that they were creating a forced slowdown, but I do not know. It made for a very dangerous situation.

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Steve (not verified)

Parks department folks were out Wednesday morning as well.

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Jeff (not verified)

This barrier was set up by a traffic light and was staffed by Parks Dept. personnel with a bullhorn asking cyclists to stop when the light was red. I witnessed a cyclist right in front of me disregard this request and get pulled over 100 yards further down the road. It looked like the authorities were writing tickets. This occured after 7:00 AM, as there was car traffic at the time.

In addition, while I was waiting at the light another cyclist pulled up and showed the Parks Dept. personnel a ticket he said he and 20 others received yesterday (Wednesday.)

Let me add that the barrier and the Parks Dept. personnel were in full view and were actually asking cyclists to stop at the red light. Even though the barrier was set up at the bottom of a small downhill, it was definitely not a hidden ticket trap.

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Rob Marcus (not verified)
8:00, stopping cars not cyclists

I went through on the West side and the set-up had them pulling over cars and just waved me and another cyclist through.
I was doing 22 or so in the bike lane, but it did not look like this was focused to cyclists.

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Colleen (not verified)

When we went through around 9:00 there were cyclists getting tickets and cars and peds getting leaflets of some sort. It was all backed up. Really strange and, as someone said, dangerous.

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DEC (not verified)
not just nyc
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matt (not verified)

has anyone seen these problems at prospect park?

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Brooklyn Bridge

"I have heard third-hand accounts of a couple of cyclists being stopped by police on the BB, their bikes ""inspected"" and they informed of a requirement to wear a helmet (which doesn't exist--yet)."

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bill vojtech (not verified)

This past Sunday in Prospect Park, 2 police vans driving at around 15 mph with about 10 car lenghths between them. I wondered if it was a speed trap: pass one van, get stopped by the one ahead. They didn't stop me, but I passed them very slowly.

Also a lot more police in the park and no special events or crime sprees to trigger it.

This was all in the afternoon.

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
3 Questions

Are cars not allowed in Prospect Park when you were there?

If so, were cars in the park?

If so, did the police stop them?

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