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Hello. I'm going to LA for 1-2 months for work, and taking my bike with me. I'm wondering though, if taking it on the plane or shipping it would be better.

Taking it on the plane is $80, and I'm not sure how much shipping would be, and I worry about it getting damaged since it would be out of my posession for awhile.

Any insight?


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Rob Marcus (not verified)

I ship all day. If its $80 total its a bargain and does not count as one of your check in bags.

If its $80 each way, it should still be a fair price.
Remember, UPS, fedex all lose packages but you can insure it for value if lost. The airlines may or may not insure the bike for it's REAl value.

Damage is always another issue with any and every carrier, wether by road or air. If it breaks, the issue is always the packaging NEVER the handling.

So what do you do??? Check your homeowners policy and take it on the plane other options can take 5 days or more of weekday travel.

Good luck

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Michael S (not verified)

UPS is the best choice, they are in the business of shipping cardboard boxes and they will cover damage. Airlines are really more likely to damage a bike and less likely to cover the loss.

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bill vojtech (not verified)

FedEx, last I checked was cheaper than UPS. I shipped a bike to Florida for $33 or so, a few years ago. UPS wanted over $50 and had more size restrictions.

Go to an actual FedEx depot, not a reseller, they seem to double the price.

Use 2 bike boxes, one inside the other.

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bikesherpa (not verified)

The most hassle-free option (but of course not the cheapest) for sending your bike is to find a local bike shop where you will be staying in CA. Then take your bike to your local bike shop here in NY, have them box it and ship it to the CA bike shope where you can have them re-assemble it and have it ready for you.

No boxing the bike yourself or lugging it with you to the airport. Just show up at the shop in CA and pick up the bike. At the end of the trip, drop it off and have them box it and send it back to NY. Another benefit is you don't have to find a place to keep the bike box while you're in CA.

It should cost about $25 to have the bike boxed/assembled at each shop so it will add $100 to the total cost. If you can swing it, it is a great luxury.

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Jud (not verified)

I just shipped a mountain bike back here from Reno in a Performance Bike plastic box via FedEx ground for $50. The total weight was 67lbs.

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Barbara (not verified)

I recently shipped a bike to Wisconsin via UPS.
They were cheap ($43) and fast (3 days door to door).
My bike arrived in perfect condition. I was very happy with the service.

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