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"Who the hell is Floyd Norris? Does Floyd look a little like Chuck Norris?

The sports commentator (who apparently never heard of Landis either until a couple of weeks ago) referred to Floyd Norris 3 times. I trust their national security experts etc. are a little better informed.

Newshour on le Tour

Here is the best quote:
JEFFREY BROWN: So two victories yesterday, put them together. Do you see any common thread or is it just a nice July coincidence?

RON RAPOPORT: Well, it's a nice July coincidence, but they're certainly very different, aren't they? Here you have Floyd Norris (sic), who I would wager that very few people outside of the sport of cycling knew his name a couple of weeks ago. And he comes up with this very exciting, up and down, thrilling coming back from the brink with this wonderful one-day performance victory...


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Claudette (not verified)
Ay ay ay. (nm)
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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

Floyd Norris is a business columnist for the Times.

AFAIK, he has never won a cycling race, let along a grand tour. He did, however, place fourth in the 1997 Dauphine Libere.

Actually, that's a lie.

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af (not verified)
He also uggested that the TdF lasted for one week.

Didn't sound like he knew much about golf either.

Actually, he appears regularly on NPR, usually Sat.morning. Never been impressed with him there either.

btw, how come Jeffrey Brown never corrected him? (After three times, he could hardly think it was just a slip of the tongue.)

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