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Anyone have any experience in either of these countries, outside of complete package tours like Experience Plus and Backroads? I'm looking for guided rides that may be a little cheaper. All recommendations appreciated.

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Greg Faber (not verified)
lonely planet

"LP has a great cycling guide called ""Cycling France"". It has multi-day routes in every region of the country. Furthermore, every tiny town in Frace has a campground with basic amenities that cost next to nothing. I've paid as little as 1 euro for a night of camping. Using that guide plus an Atlas I was able to link together the various routes and literally went around the whole country. I highly recommend it."

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Richard Jesaitis (not verified)
Rough Guide

I used the Rough Guide Cycling Tours of France to plan a wonderful series of loop tours in the Champagne region and did the trips on my own. It was really great. I highly recommend the guide.

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