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Congrats to Floyd for a killer TT today. I wonder what Lance and Johann Bruneel will say to him?!
Here's a link to Outside magazine's July article on Floyd.

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JP (not verified)
BUT ...

Yes, kudos to Floyd. Wow, what a comeback and great ITT! The French really hate the USA now, 11 out of 21 TdFs ;-p

But Derek, you should not divulge the outcome, directly or indirectly, in the title of your post and a post about the outcome should be labeled “spoiler,” lest you spoil the stage for those waiting in suspense to watch it later. I don’t play ostrich, but others do. If you can edit it soon ….

PS - nice going Derek ;-)

Way to go Floyd!

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Chris T. (not verified)
From the article, Landis on training...

"""There's only one rule: The guy who trains the hardest, the most, wins. Period. Because you won't die. Even though you feel like you'll die, you don't actually die. Like when you're training, you can always do one more. Always. As tired as you might think you are, you can always, always do one more."" ..........

So there's no such thing as overtraining?

""If you overtrained, it means that you didn't train hard enough to handle that level of training,"" Landis says, his fingertip rapping the table for emphasis. ""So you weren't overtrained; you were actually undertrained to begin with. So there's the rule again: The guy who trains the hardest, the most, wins.""

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YD (not verified)
How tough is floyd ?
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don montalvo (not verified)

> When stage 17 of the Tour was aired in France, the French
> surrendered to Floyd Landis just to be on the safe side.

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michael S (not verified)

That was ad libbed from the Chuck Norris original.. still funny but Chuck makes more sense

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DB (not verified)
Hulk vs.Landis

WHen Bruce Banner gets mad, he turns into the incredible Hulk. When the Hulk gets mad he turns into Floyd Landis.

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Steven Marks (not verified)
Lance Armstrong's War

Thanks for the link to the Outside article. Daniel Coyle is a gerat writer. Lance Armstrong's War is the best book on cycling I have ever read. Mistitled, it is as much about the race as Lance. A worthy read.

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