Saturday (July 22) Ride to Nyack via Bradley Tweed

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Hi all,

Colleen and I (David C.) are interested in a quick ride to Nyack via River Road and Bradley Tweed. We would love it if others are interested in joining us. We are thinking of a A-23 pace (for what that's worth on a route with a fair number of hills), presupposing of course good group riding skills. Anyone interested in joining us?

Meeting point and time: 9:00 AM on Saturday, July 22 at Riverside and 122nd Street (near Grant's tomb).

let's ride!


P.S. RSVP if possible to dcarr at* or add a thread so we know that some are coming.

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David C. (not verified)
Update on Departure time


Because some others are planning to depart Central part at about 9 on a similar ride, we plan -- weather allowing -- to leave from Riverside and 122nd a bit later on Saturday morning, around 9:15 AM (or whenever the crew from CP arrive). Pace will be the same (23), with us and whoever wants to join going up Bradley Tweed on the way to Nyack, with any others doing a flatter route.

Now, we're just hoping for a better break on the rain than forecasts currently say.


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David C (not verified)

Weather forecast looks bleak. Not going to be at the ride point at 9-9:15 today.


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