Tour Watching Tonight - Any central gatherings??????

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This is a stage to watch with some other fans.

Is that Buon Gusto place game?? (don't think I should eat two meals of Blondies wings in a week)

Otherwise I could host a few Upper Westies at my place - BYOC (bring your own Chinese)

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Claudette (not verified)
I might go there...

But prob after 9.

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Charlie (not verified)
Tour tonight

Let's pick a spot so we can get a critical mass. I went to a place the other night and we didn't have enough people to convince the staff to give us the audio portion.
I can do Blondies or Buon Gusto.

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Michael S (not verified)

We would have to have the back room at Blondies to get sound. Not sure if they are keen on having us yet again. Seems the waitress has trouble convincing tables that it is one bill per table (we manage it at lunch at a diner???)

Could call and see.

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Colleen (not verified)

We'd be up for Blondies or another uws place.

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bill (not verified)
East Side it is!

If you haven't had enough yet...
Same Routine, same place, same time Etc.....
Caffe Buon Gusto at 1009 Second Ave (Btw 53/54th St) 8:00

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