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Can anyone suggest a reasonably direct way to get out to Nassau County from the Brooklyn Bridge? Eventual destination is Fire Island ferry. I know how to go down around the water and via 59th St bridge but both those ways add a lot of extra miles which I'm trying to avoid. The through-the-middle routes I'm familiar with like Atlantic Ave are not too appealing for riding. Thanks

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Neile (not verified)

Brooklyn Bridge/ Myrtle/ Metropolitan/ Jamaica/ Springfield Blvd/ Merrick

Or if you're coming from the north:

Williamsburg Bridge/ Grand/ Metropolitan ... etc.

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Paul (not verified)

Myrtle sucks, but it's the only direct option

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Ron Gentile (not verified)
Try this one

This is my daily commute to work. The route basically parallels Atlantic Ave. but on quieter roads. Heading south on Bkln Bridge Blvd:

L Dean St. (long stretch w/ bike lane)
R Rochester
L St. Marks (bike lane)
X Eastern Parkway (careful--go a few feet against traffic on E.P. and cross w/ pedestrian light)
Continue St. Marks
L East New York Ave.
R Mother Gaston
L Liberty Ave.
R Wyona
L Sutter (Pitkin is actually better but it is currently being re-paved)
L 80th
R Liberty
(Optional) Bear Left 103rd Ave.
R Rockaway Blvd.
L Linden

After that I guess you could use Francis Lewis, haven't done that part myself.

Total distance is ~13 miles

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Bob (not verified)

Thanks guys!

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