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A small group of us (road bikes) are thinking about starting in Albany and biking the Erie Canal to Buffalo. Has anyone tried the trails along the canal? Is it paved? Would you recommend it?


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Rob Marcus (not verified)

There is a ride that just fifnished from Buffalo to Albany this week.

there is also a similar ride
leaves next week???, but more scenic

Also many books on riding the canal.

The FANy ride is a good Road bike trek, the erie canal ride, sounds like a Hybrid choice for travel.

Good luck

PS always wanted to do it

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David (not verified)

While some sections are paved, large sections are gravel hardpack. Those sections, although rideable, are not a lot of fun on a road bike. Rode parts of it earlier this year on a longer ride from Chicago to NY -- plan was to ride more on the path but given condition of path wound up taking bike route 5 instead .

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