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Doing a three day weekday ride upstate. Want to park MY car in NJ near the GWB and ride up with my friend. Does anyone know where there's free, safe, legal, on street parking anywhere near the bridge or Palisades Pkwy? Hudson Terrace is for residents only. Andy

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bill vojtech (not verified)

"Check the regulations for parking in the lot at the park near the GWB in NJ. I forget the name. They ""open"" at 9:00 if I recall, but that just means the guy who takes your parking fee is on duty. I've parked there before they ""open"" and come back later that day and had no trouble. I don't know about overnight.

They don't like you cycling in or out, (they want you to walk), They don't understand cleats."

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Jay (not verified)
Allison Park just off Hudson Terrace is good!

It's about 3/4 of the way from the bridge to Palisades Av (BofA branch) --Hudson Terrace dips--go towards river and St Peter's College, after you go under Pal Pky there's a small sign: turn right towards park--it takes about 7 or 8 mins to cycle to bridge from there. The parking lot may close at dusk.

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Andy Feldman (not verified)

Thanks Jay, but I need to leave the car overnight. Any other ideas?

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Derek (not verified)
easy one

Citibank/Citigroup has a check processing and business office on the Palisades. It's the first industrial building on the left as you bike away from the GW.

It's an open pkg lot but security is quite tight. Park close to the building. Don't make a big show that you're a biker.

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Rob Marcus (not verified)

I beleive there are a bunch of small strip malls in Edgewater that have 24 hr activity.

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