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Howdy folks. I'll be spending some time in the Outer Banks next week, and I'm bringing my two-wheeler. I haven't been down there in years, and while I know it's not a great spot for cycling (flat as Bonneville), I'm hoping some NYCCers might know some of the better, less-trafficked routes.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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Mike M (not verified)

I've been down there maybe 20 times to windsurf. Cycling is complementary to windsurfing since when it's blowing you don't want to be on your bike. Windy season is pretty much Spring and Fall. I usually stay in Avon or Frisco ie. on either side of Buxton. From there you can ride to Hatteras at the end of the island or north to waves/salvo. But basically it's 100 miles long and 1/2 mile wide in most places so that limits your choice to one highway along side the dunes. Nice ride just the same, but seriously flat. The highway there has a decent paved shoulder so it's not too treacherous. Careful in the towns - more traffic. Further north in the touristy areas (Nags Head, KDH, Kitty Hawk) I doubt you'll find some quality riding -- you want to be south or north of there. Enjoy!

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carl (not verified)
good place for dinner

If you get to Beaufort, have dinner at a restaurant called The Beaufort Grocery. You will be very full and very happy.

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Jay (not verified)
"Go to Sojourn bike tours, then ""outer banks"""

It describes their route. We did it on a tandem with them a few years ago when they were part of VBT. It has changed a little. it was flat and hot--it looks a little like the roads around Jones Beach. Let me know if you have any addl ?'s

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DvB (not verified)

Thanks so much for the helpful input. Appreciated!

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Mitchell Fink (not verified)
Outer Banks NC

I rode with Sojourn at the Outer Banks in early May. As a tour company they are excellent. The leaders were knowledgable, helpful, fun and anticipated all our needs. Cue sheets and routes were very well done. Accomadations were top notch. Riding was mostly flat, with a lot of wind (mostly headwinds of course....). We rode around New Bern, Okracoke, Cape Hatteras and and Beaufort. That area is much less congested than the northern Outer Banks around Kitty Hawk, Duck, Coralla etc.

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Greg (not verified)
Duck to Corolla

I’ve rode the northern end of the Outer Banks during a couple of summer vacations and, like everyone else says, it’s flat and hot—Africa hot. Unfortunately, as the years have gone by so has the increase in development (more traffic). And it’s pretty much Rte 12 up and back, because a left or a right and it’s a couple of blocks and then you hit water. Early morning was best—vacationers asleep and the sun not too high in the sky. But beware of 18-wheelers whizzing by every now and then—not fun.

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