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I know finding the right saddle is very personal. I had a fizik, and changed to a Koobi. Am thinking about trying the Specialized Jett. I would love some input from other women in the club. What saddles do you really like?

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Marcella (not verified)
women's saddles

Hey there - I love the Specialized Jett. I tested about 5 different ones on my temporary road bike, and ended up with the Jett (which I had had on my first bike). As you state, it is personal fit/choice etc, but thumbs up for comfort and shape of the Jett. Good luck. (Also goes without saying that regardless of the saddle you choose, proper angle, height, etc etc is as important).

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Carol Wood (not verified)

"I've had several leather Terry saddles that I liked. Got a couple of them at Glen's Bike Show for cheap--they a bit short in the nose, recreational models perhaps, but leather with cutaways, they were fine.

The saddle that that came with my Terry Isis road bike (maybe it's the Liberator) I don't like so much--pleather cover and gel layer, nyah.

But the Butterfly Ti that I recently put on my weekend bike is a dream. Jeepers wish I'd done that a long time ago.

I have also had a couple of Performance Century women's saddles. Back in the day when I bought them, they were only $25--not bad for leather. I recently gave one away--after many years of use, including two years of abuse on my commuter, it was still good enough for someone else to want. And I have to say they were comfortable--a slight give in the seat but not cushy, and firm enough to get some momentum going. And not ugly."

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Carol Wood (not verified)
This just in

"just got this email from Terry:


Top ten reasons to buy a Terry saddle during the Tour de France:

FREE SHIPPING through July 23rd on Butterfly Ti and Fly Ti saddles.
We're over stocked on these saddles which only happens when I'm glued to OLN and not watching inventory.
Fly just named ""the Champ"" by Men's Journal.
A new Butterfly may be all that's holding you back from time trialing Alpe D'Huez.
Performance enhancing saddles are sanctioned by all cycling governing bodies.
Cutaways are larger than the space between Bob Roll's teeth.
Ride it for the 30 days and return it if you don't like it.
We just received a shipment of discontinued saddles at a huge savings.
The Terry Falcon saddle was named for Discovery's awesome Paolo Salvodelli (il Falco).
You'll ride so much you could be a contender for next year's Tour.


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Betsy (not verified)

Thanks for posting this Alisa. As you know I'm having saddle issues right now.

My current saddle is a Specialized Dolce. I seem to be sliding forward in the saddle and putting a lot of weight on my pubic bones, not my sits bones. After a long ride I'm extremely sore and can't ride the next day. Anyone else ever have this problem? Is it bike fit or the saddle? Any insight, suggestions, recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Marcella (not verified)
sliding forward in a saddle

I just picked up a new bike with the Jett saddle I love and had the same problem...until yesterday when a bike tech happened to mention that the seat didn't look level. I hadn't even said anything about the saddle. 10 seconds of adjustment, and I felt a world of difference and had a much more comfortable ride home. Try that first before thinking the saddle has to go.

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bill vojtech (not verified)

I find the applies to men's and women's saddles:

Some saddles are flat in profile others have a dip in the middle. On those that dip, if you make it level, the part you sit on is slanted down and you may slide forward onto the nose. If you level the part you sit on, the nose may point up too much, and pinch.

I like and reccommend flat saddles– when level you get no sliding and the nose is out of the way.

Anatomy differs, your experience may vary.

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Betsy (not verified)
That is exactly...

.. what I've been thinking. I had the same problem on my last bike with a different saddle that also had a dip in the middle. I'm going to start looking into flat saddles. Thanks for confirming my thoughts.

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"Chainwheel" (not verified)
Sliding forward

"""I seem to be sliding forward in the saddle...""
""Is it bike fit or the saddle?""

Definitely sounds like bike fit. See the link below (especially the sections on saddle height, tilt, and fore/aft adjustment).



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Betsy (not verified)
Thanks Marcella and Chainwheel

My bike tech (KC at Larry & Jeff's) has been working with me on fit. The saddle is definitely level. I tried tilting the nose up a tad more and felt like I was being squashed in intimate areas. We've also moved the saddle forward a bit and it helped a little. Yesterday on a ride I tried moving the saddle further forward, almost as far is it could go, and I still felt like I was sliding to the nose. My gut sense is that the saddle may be too wide. It's a new bike so I suppose I have a bit of tweaking to do.

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"Chainwheel" (not verified)
Move it back!

"""Yesterday on a ride I tried moving the saddle further forward, almost as far is it could go, and I still felt like I was sliding to the nose.""

It may sound counter-intuitve, but moving the saddle further back is more likely to eliminate your sliding problem. Read the section on Peter White's site about fore/aft adjustment.

It's also possible that your handlebars are too low and/or too far forward. But saddle position has to be set correctly before you start tweaking the bars.


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Betsy (not verified)
That makes a lot of sense. Thanks. (nm)
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Fendergal (not verified)

How are your arms situated on the bars? Straight or do they have some bend in the elbows? Can you ride with your hands on the hoods, or does that feel too far to be comfortable? Do you feel as if you're being stretched out on a rack on a long ride?

If the answer to any of these is yes, your stem may need to be shortened. Saddle position should be partly based in relation to your cranks and pedals.

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Tanya (not verified)

"Hi Alisa,

I am quite happy with my ""Body Geometry Dolce Women's saddle, leather cover, Cr-Mo rails"" that came with the bike (Specialized Dolce Elite, WSD). It feels quite soft compared to other saddles I've touched and is probably full of gel. In fact, the part of me that rests on this saddle is the only one that is never sore after the rides. I tried ""Bontrager Race Lux"" before (from Trek 1000) and felt the damage in an hour.


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Betsy (not verified)
How serendipitous

I just received an email from Terry that they are offering free shipping on their Butterfly Ti and Fly Ti saddles through July 23rd with a 30 day trial period.

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adjudy (not verified)

Thanks for all the input. I've tried talking to the guys at the shop, but guess what, they just don't have that much experience on women's saddles. Hmmm. Keep the commentary coming. What a great community.

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Barbara (not verified)
Selle Italia Lady Gel Flow Saddle

I find it to be very comfortable.
I'm really happy with mine.

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Betsy (not verified)
Thanks for all the suggestions

First I realized I neglected to thank Fenderalgal for her suggestion - so thank you Fendergal. I've been very conscious of stem length from the beginning and have an extremely short stem so I don't think that's the problem. But it's always worth looking at again.

I went saddle shopping and tentatively ended up wth a Specialized Avatar. It solves the problem of the pressure on the front of my anatomy but my sits bones have been killing me. So I'm using it for now because it's much better than the other saddle, but I think I'm still in the market. I tried the Jett but that hurt my sits bones even more. Maybe it's a concession I have to make and I can live with that, but I'd rather be pain free. Sigh.

Thanks again to everyone.

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Yogi (not verified)
One other possibility to consider


I don’t know how long you’ve owned your bike or where it came from. Both Fg and Cw made sound suggestions to look beyond the saddle to solve your (fit?) problem.

It is not an uncommon practice to have bike shops sell you a frame too big (intentionally or unintentionally?) to unload stock. They have you stand over the top tube, and you love the paint job. It’s $OLD.

>“Yesterday on a ride I tried moving the saddle further forward, almost as far is it could go, and I still felt like I was sliding to the nose.”

–This just sounds wrong for any saddle even if you’re doing a TT.

You can move the saddle and stem/bar around all day and if the frame is too big, it’s not going to be a comfortable ride. It is tough to tell with limited info here if the frame is too big for you. You could ask a knowledgeable friend or a different fitter (one who didn’t sell you the bike) to take a look before shelling out more time and money in search of the perfect saddle.

Good luck,

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Betsy (not verified)
Bike size

Thanks Yogi. I appreciate your input. You make a valid point. However, my bike is new and was ordered for me in my size. I've been a long-time customer of my bike shop and though not everyone has had a great experience there, my salesguy made me try numerous bikes over the course of a couple of weeks before selling me one. He's also been very patient during the saddle selection process. He hasn't even taken any money for the Avatar yet - he wanted me to test ride it first. However, it's been 2 weeks and I haven't been able to get back to the shop so I don't feel comfortable returning it when it's been so used.

Thanks again.

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Susan Rodetis (not verified)
new women's saddle I like

A new Fizik Arione (Sport) saddle came with my new bike in November - yucko/awful.

I now have a relatively new Terry design; the Zero X which is working fine for me. Flat platform, the lightest weight and most narrow Terry saddle, split middle (and nice leather embossed finish).


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Betsy (not verified)

How is Terry's return policy re: saddles? I've looked at the saddle online and been intrigued. I'd like to try it if they'll take it back. $110 is a lot to spend if it doesn't work, but I'll spend even more for the right saddle.


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Judith Tripp (not verified)
Terry Saddle Return Policy

Betsy, my Liberator has been on so long that my knowledge of the Terry return policy risks being out of date, but when I dealt with them they really wanted you to be comfortable, recommended saddles to you, and told you to return them if they weren't comfortable and they would send you something else. I don't think you should have a problem.

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Betsy (not verified)

Thanks. I think I'll buy a few of their saddles and hopefully one will work.

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no refund (not verified)
terry bicycles refund policy

I would not buy anything from terry until they get their customer service policy together. They have owed me a refund for over a month now. I even got an email saying that they got the merchandise, but still no refund. e-mails have gone unanswered so now i have to get the bbb involved. Just be careful with them, despite the peppy phone voices, they cannot be trusted.

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Cat (not verified)
Full Cycles

Haven't had to put their customer service dept to the test yet but i found excellent prices on saddles (particularly the Terry Butterfly) here:


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Ellen (not verified)

My Selle Italia, comfortable for years, finally gave out and I bought a Specialized Jett(medium width). I've got around 700 miles on it and so far it's great....firmer than the Selle Italia, more minimal but hits in all the right places.
Bike Habitat allowed a tryout with the promise of a swap if it didn't work out.

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