Going to Ride NoHo for Labor Day Weekend with NYCC?

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  • Going to Ride NoHo for Labor Day Weekend with NYCC?
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It's getting close. If you are going or would like to go, it's time to start thinking about transportation to Northampton Mass.

I have a car– Honda Civic hatch. It can fit 2 people plus 2 bikes INSIDE, or 3 people inside and 3 bikes on the bumper rack, (I once fit 4 people inside, 3 bikes on the rack and 1 folding bike behind the back seat– very snug fit with luggage).

I can take one or 2 people and their bikes.

Can anyone else offer a ride? Is anyone interested in splitting a car rental? This thread would be the place to exchange ride info.

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Aldo Tiboni (not verified)
Travel to Northampton MA

Peter Pan Bus Lines arrives directly in downtown Northampton from NYC, and is a short walk to the hotels. They require bikes to be in a box, but they allow them to be put in the cargo compartment.

Alternatively, contact me at Ride Noho (888) 817-6646 if you’d like to ship your bike ahead. Joe Mai at Joe’s Bicycle garage will assemble and then repackage your bike for shipping back home, for $25.00 each way ($50.00 total), plus the shipping charges.

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)

We've been getting inquiries about rooms and transportation to Ride Noho.

There is room.

I have a car and can take up to 2 other people. As of now, I'm planning on taking Friday off or at least getting out of work early to drive up.

If you need transportation and can't take off early I can be flexible.

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Claudette (not verified)
I have a car

Enough room for two other folks and I guess I ought to find a good bike rack. Any suggestions?
Am interested in going but would need a (preferably female) roommate.

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bill vojtech (not verified)

"I have a bumper mount Saris rack. It holds 3 bikes, fits most any car/van/SUV, etc. Using it, (or any bumper rack), means no trunk access while it's on. If you get rear-ended, the bikes are history.

Roof racks are harder to mount and store, if you don't keep them on the car, (they can get stolen if you leave them on), cause you to burn more gas because they catch more wind. The bikes are safe from rear-ending, but prone to ""low bridges"", (garages, etc).

Since I have a hatchback that can take two bikes inside, I usually go without a rack– just an old comforter between the bikes– complete weather protection.

I got an inquiry from another woman. I'll put you in touch."

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