Last chance to order Liberty-in-a-helmet jersey this year.

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  • Last chance to order Liberty-in-a-helmet jersey this year.
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You've seen the old NYCC jersey picturing the face of the Statue of Liberty wearing a helmet.

We're re-manufacturing it--without the club name since it is no longer the club jersey.

New sleeve graphic pictures Liberty's face with the radians of her diadem--uh, spires of her crown--overlaying the spokes of a bike wheel.

If you would like to order one, you must contact me by 1PM Monday.

Price is dependent on size of order, but likely close to $72.

[email protected]
(212) 371-4700

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Andrew Ian Trow (not verified)
Liberty-in-a-helmet jersey

Hi Richard,

I've just joined the club and would like one of these jerseys, XL would be the size for me.

I haven't yet been advised of my membership number.

I'll be ordering one of the new jerseys as soon as I have the membership number.


Andrew Ian Trow

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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
Liberty-in-a-helmet jersey


For Richard's offering, you need not be a member. Such detail is lacking from his original message so it's easy for one to be confused.

Even more so, when the original poster writes his note in a manner assuming other's have read his recent messages about such topic in other recent thread(s). The full context is lost.

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