Anyone up for a tour of ME?

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I am planning a 5 day tour of the Maine coast in early August. Just picture it, Lobsters, quaint coast line, no cabbies...

All are welcome to join. Please let me know if you are interested. I am an A rider but will obviously be tempering the pace for the multiday ride.

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Anon (not verified)

Oh Maine... when I first read the post I thought I was on a personals page

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Jon (not verified)
Either one will do.... (nm)
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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Why don't you post your intended itinerary? (nm)
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Carol Wood (not verified)
Sample itinerary

Monday--Hair, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, chin.

Tuesday--Neck, shoulders, arms, hands.

Wednesday--Chest and belly.


Friday--Legs, knees, ankles, feet.

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Sam (not verified)
Seems interesting

Hey Jon, I would consider this trip. Could you provide and email address so we could exchange more info.

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Jon (not verified)
tour of ME (maine, that is)

Hey Sam, here is my email address. Lets talk abuot the trip some more. I don't have an exact itinerary yet but I would probably try to spend some some riding some of the beautiful towns along the coast, and then maybe turn inland and do some climbing.

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