Looking for a B ride tomorrow 17-20mpg ish leaving from CP area

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  • Looking for a B ride tomorrow 17-20mpg ish leaving from CP area
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Anyone know of any rides tomorrow morning? i am not a member yet so i cannot access the ride listings. MPH not MPG!!!

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Rick Braun (not verified)
sounds like you probably mean an A ride

If you mean an average of 17-20 m.p.h., that's an A ride, not a B ride. In the NYCC, a B17 means an average of about 17 mph on the flats, and 3 mph less for the whole ride, or 14 mph. An A20 would be an average of about 20 mph on the flats and 17 mph for the whole ride. An average of about 20 mph for the whole ride would be an A23. All that said, I can't join you because 1)you're probably too fast for me, and 2) I'm off the bike due to a bike crash on July 5. Hope that you find some riding companions. Join the NYCC, and you'll find many and many rides to do.

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JP (not verified)

Mr Bowen, I sent you am email last week when you got laughed at for your inquiry on B rides. Part 2 here??

Etc., John

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Tanya (not verified)
rides for Sat. July 15


All the Club rides for Saturday, July 15th, and Sunday, July 16th, are posted on the main web page, in the right column -- http://www.nycc.org/ -- so you don't even have to access the complete ride listing. Although I also encourage you to join the NYCC but you can go on a ride with the Club this weekend to see if you like it.

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