Central Park Congestion this weekend!!

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The NYC tri is this sunday. Elites start at 5:50 am, which will have them finishing the run in CP around 7:40-8. Followed shortly by 2000 other people. Which probably means spectators and closed offness around the boathouse. The race enters at 72nd from the west side, goes CLOCKWISE around the north end, then finishes on 72nd transverse.

If I'm not mistaken, there's a NYRRC race on saturday at about 8 am. Not sure on that.

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Michael S (not verified)

The Dash and Splash 5 miler is on for 8:00 on Sat. Avoid the loop till about 8:30.

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Basil Ashmore (not verified)
Show some respect....

"Doesn't the NYC Tri Underwear Run warrant a mention here too???!!!
Free registration for the first 250 and you get a free NYC Tri pair of underwear!!!
Triathletes, family members, and friends, join us for a 1.7 mile underwear fun run in Central Park. Location: Central Park at Dead End Road, July 15 @ 7am.

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Donald (not verified)

No tri affiliated underwear run other than the one in Kona warrants a mention or respect. You are really tempting the race gods if you do it.

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