Has anyone done the Harlem Valley Rail Ride?

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Hey all -

I am considering doing the century ride for the Harlem Valley Rail Ride, and wanted to see if anyone from the club has done this in the past and see what their experience was. See link for details: http://www.bikenewyork.org/HVRR-routes.htm

I am trying to see if it is well run and has good support services (stops, showers, etc.) comparable to other area centuries (North Fork, ENY, Montauk).

Please let me know if anyone has any feedback.



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jmf (not verified)

I did this one last year: Great support / typical ride food along the way. Very nice scenery along the routes. A challenging climb or two (Mount Washington, but not THAT Mount Washington; one with the same name at the NY/MA border). A great fast downhill near the finish. A carnival at the end (last year with a live band & lots of booths with Pizza, Ice Cream etc, some items for free some for extra $$ ) but no showers. There were a few short patches with unpaved roads, including one at a turn at the bottom of a steep descent, but they warn you of this danger along the way and I remember dirt, but no rocks on these patches.)

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Herb (not verified)

It's hilly up there. The century will have 3 major climbs. But they do have great support. I'll be one of them. I'll also be leading one of the pre rides on Saturday.

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Ron Gentile (not verified)
Transportation issues

I am registered for this ride.

Apparently the transportation provided from NYC to the event does not leave early enough for those doing the 100 mile option. What I was planning on doing was taking the train up to Wassaic the day before, ride the 10 miles to Millerton, get a hotel or B&B at Millerton and not have to worry about transportation on Sunday.

Is anyone else doing this, or can someone suggest a better plan?


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Robert R (not verified)
Transportation issues

I think I will be driving up in the AM from Manhattan east side at around 5AM to make the 7:30AM start.

Let me know if you are interested...

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)

I did it last year. Great ride. I'll be back again this year.

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rob (not verified)
I'm there

I've never done this Century, but I will be this year, along with another NYCCer. Maybe we can coordinate. I ride in the area all the time and it's very scenic and hilly. You can contact me at rob AT rkmusic DOT com

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Steven (not verified)
2006 Harlem Valley Rail Ride - More Details

The 100 mile Three States Century is a new addition to the Rail Ride for 2006, including a new 25 mile southern loop thru Kent, CT. It is designed to take full advantage of the challenging terrain in the Berkshires/Taconic Mtns. area.

The century has three major climbs - Skiff Mountain in CT, Mt. Washington in MA, and Winschell Mountain in NY. Cumulative elevation gain is 8,025 feet. Given the hills and potential heat, this is a very challenging and thrilling ride.

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Ron Gentile (not verified)
100 mile option

Thanks for the info Steven. Question--for those of us that haven't done the ride before and aren't quite sure if we're up to the 100 mile route, can we make that decision at the end of the 75 mile route (like in the TA Century), or do the 75 and 100 mile routes split before the 75 mile route ends?

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Rich (not verified)

There are 2 important split points in the routes. The first comes at mile 14, where the 55 & 100 mile riders split from the 75 mile riders (55s & 100s riding on a new 25 mile loop to Kent, CT). After the 55, 75 & 100 routes come back together, the second split occurs at mile 49. At that point, the 55 mile riders return to Millerton and the 75 mile & 100 riders head northeast to Mt. Washington & beyond to the end of the ride. So the 100 mile riders have an extra 25 mile loop early in the ride. So what does this mean? Once you commit to the 25 mile Kent loop at mile 14, you are either doing a 100 mile ride or a 55 mile ride. Hope that helps.

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Ron Gentile (not verified)

Thanks Rich. I talked to Steve Taylor this weekend and, based on what he told me about the climbs, looks like I might take the conservative route and do the 75 miles this year.

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Robert R (not verified)

Not to sound too geeky, but does anyone have any total acents for these hills, any grades on these climbs, and distance between?

I want to make sure that I am not biting off more than I can chew at mile 14...

I was cycling up there a while back and remember anything with the word hill in the name of the road required some out of saddle moments....

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Hannah (not verified)
elevation profiles

The 100-mile ride profile looks like a cardiogram:

Full disclosure: I am Bike New York's newest employee.

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Robert R (not verified)
Thank you & congrats (nm)!
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April (not verified)
Question about Saturday's rides

"According to the website, there're also ""group ride"" style rides on Saturday, which I'm interested in because I don't have all day free on Sunday. So will have to settle for a shorter ride on Sunday.

My question is, do the Saturday's ride go on the rail trail? Or does it go on totally different route? The webstie did mention they're on different route. But I'm just wondering as to how different, given there're only so many ways to get around in that area."

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Herb Dershowitz (not verified)

"Not sure what you mean by ""so many ways to get around""?
The shortest route on Saturday, the 30 miler, will be on backroads in the area.
Hannah, no more NY Roadrunners? Congratulations on your new position. Will see you on the 30th."

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hannah (not verified)


I don't know the answer to your question, but I bet if you e-mail [email protected] someone will get back to you. The rail trail is not that long, so even if the Saturday ride goes on the trail it could still be substantially different from the Sunday ride.


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Jody (not verified)
Tri-State area's most beautiful ride!

This is an outstanding ride. Spectacularly beautiful, challenging, unbelievably well marked --- you never have to look at the cue sheet. The first several miles are on the Rail Trail, completely flat and a good warmup, and also makes the short ride a possibility for just about anyone. A difficult ride, but SO worth it!

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