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"Please advise: I ride approximately 100 miles a week on a Cannondale R600. The bike is 2 years old, and I have had trouble with the rear wheel almost since the beginning. The wheels are T-Tre 30 S wheels and the spokes on the rear wheel have broken a number of times. I am resigned to the fact that I need to buy a new wheel, but I dont know what to buy. I weigh 190 pounds and am 5'9"". It was suggested to me that I buy a Ultegra hub with a Mavic Open Pro rim, but I don't know anything about wheels, and could use some advise. I'm not interested in racing, but would like to kick up my riding over the next couple years.



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jc (not verified)
Good Value
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Evan Marks (not verified)
Ultegra hub + Mavic Open Pro rim

Good advice, IMO. Make sure you get at least 32 spokes for the full bulletproof effect. Here's one for $120

and here

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Used rear wheel

If you want to replace only the rear wheel, I have a Mavic Open Pro wheel with Ultegra hub, 700c, silver, with about 2,000 miles on it. No cassette. Will sell for $60.

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bill vojtech (not verified)

I have the older Ascents. Love them. The Orions are for heavier riders.

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Benjamin Spector (not verified)
New Wheel Help

I spoke with a guy at Gotham Bikes and he suggested a Mavic Cosmos over the Mavic open pro with Shimano hub. does this make any sense? please suggest any other brands or wheels that you think might be worth considering.

Thanks again,


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Skinny Now (not verified)

Bontrager Race Lite. Great Wheel. Shimano Ultegra wheel. I rode on a pair when I weighed 190-195 lbs and they held up fine.

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