WED 7/12 B ride

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The weather forecast calls for thunderstorms starting at noon.

So why don't we do River Road, and if it looks very ominous, we'll head back home after the police station. At least we'll have had a beautiful little climb.

If it looks clear, we'll continue on to Piermont for lunch. We'll also have the advantage of a more current, am weather forecast.

Please sign up here and check back later this evening to see if we're ON.

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Jen (not verified)

I would like to sign up for the rid.

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Chris Trivell (not verified)
Wed 7/12 B ride

Thanks Maggie. I'll look to join this ride on Manhattan side of GWB.

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Jay (not verified)
You will have the pleasure (?) of my company

at least one way


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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)

I've never gotten so many people before 6 pm!

See you at 9.30 at Eleanor Roosevelt.

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