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from Ebikes:
An intercepted secret memo sez that the Park Enforcement Patrol is planning a TICKET BLITZ of selective enforcement against bicyclists tomorrow, 7/11, in Central Park.

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)

"Cops were out in force in Prospect Park tonight– hiding in bushes on their little scooters, etc.

They paid no attention to the wrong-way cyclists in the bike lane, (before the park is closed to traffic), the strollers/joggers/walkers in the bike lane, etc.

They even ignored the guy jogging backwards in the bike lane who was carrying a big stick.

They were eyeballing the ""real"" cyclists. I saw no tickets being given."

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Rob (not verified)
CP Ticket Blitz - Missed Me

I rode in CP this morning from about 5:45am-7:00am and saw some extra cops put in place to escort a large flatbed that was delivering sod to the south end of the park. I went through 2 red lights right in front of cops (NYPD) and they didn't move a muscle - and I averaged over the speed limit too. Secret memos sound like the stuff of conspiracy theories.

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Tom Laskey (not verified)
CP about 9:00 AM

I saw plenty of Park Rangers or whatever they are around 9:00am handing out their leaflets and telling everyone, me included, to slow down and/or stop at the red lights. Didn't see any tix given out but I also didn't see any serious looking cyclists in lycra in the park at that time either.

I'm planning a more vigorous workout in lycra in about an hour, I'll let you'll know if they catch me.

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Matty (not verified)

this is absurd. few cyclists are ever going to abide by the speed limit, or stop at red lights.

central park is the only relatively safe place in manhattan for cyclists to ride for exercise and fitness.

this has been going on for too long. when is the nycc brass going to meet with the central park conservancy to agree to some sort of compromise that will end this opportunistic harrassment? i'm happy to attend a meeting.

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Debbie Rothschild (not verified)
today's ticketing blitz isn't all bad

Just got back from a ride in the park, where I joined many cyclists in blowing past red lights at faster than 15mph. I saw several police officers and two tickets/warnings being issued: to a taxi and to a private automobile for being on the drive when it is closed to vehicular traffic.

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joe a (not verified)
CP was clear tonight

saw one police car for three laps, and the car was tending to a pedestrian (didn't look bike or vehicle related). all was quiet.

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