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Has anyone used the bike shop on 230St near Broadway in Riverdale (Bronx)? Are their mechanics trustworthy? Other experiences? Reputation? The shop is very close to home, but I don't want to trust my bike to a shop I don't know. Thanks for any experiences/advice!

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Bob Ross (not verified)
That's a Tread shop now, right?

Never used the mechanics at that particular fact, I've only ever been in that store once, and I was so completely underwhelmed by their lack of customer service (or customer *interest* actually) that I don't think I'll ever go back, even though it's really convenient to where I live also.

There's another Tread shop on 200th/Dyckman Street that I've used on occasion. Their mechanic seems semi-competant: Took him 3 tries to fix a squeeky brake problem, but at least he kept trying.

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Rob Marcus (not verified)

I have been to both Treads for supplies only. I have had a few friends buy bikes there and I am not too impressed with the mecahnical adjustments done after the purchase.

Remember, It pays to travel to get good work because
bad work on your bike may Kill you.

A lil harsh , but the idea is try another shop, I do.

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