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Hi everyone,
I've been recovering from a knee injury and need to do a 3 hour ride this weekend, I don't have a trainer and cannot deal with the thought of sitting on a spin bike for 3 hours - ouch! So, wanted to get out of the city for my ride - I can drive to anywhere - but I'm looking for somewhere that will give me mostly flat roads (to avoid too much pressure on the knee) - any ideas???
Much appreciated!!!
thanks and cheers,

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David S (not verified)
Not exactly nearby but...

Canal Road runs along the D&R canal from Somerset (a part of Franklin Twp) towards Princeton. I think the road is about 10 miles long and then there is an incline into Princeton for another few miles. There are plenty of other roads in Somerset that are flat roads and have bike lanes on them.

Or you can go round and round and round in Liberty State Park (if NJ state parks open up this weekend)

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Kay Gunn (not verified)
Liberty State Park is not closed

Only the visitor's center and learning center are closed, and the parking areas are blocked by barricades. I just came back from a ride there. I waved to 2 police officers as I entered the park. There were several other cyclists and rollerbladers there. I expect it would actually take more manpower to keep people out of the park than it does to keep it open.

There are even dozens and dozens of porta-johns left from the July 4 celebration. A little stinky by now, but with the visitors center closed, it's better than nothing.

The laps there are only about 3 miles, but it should be nice and uncrowded this weekend. And the best part - no lights, very little traffic. You can ride nonstop for 3 hrs if you want.

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<a href="http://www.OhReallyOreilly.com">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
another vote for LSP and D&R canal

I whole heartedly agree with the other comments about Liberty State Park. It's a quick trip over by way of PATH or ferry. The yellow ferry will drop you off right inside the park, literally; catch it from Battery Park City. For what it is worth, I do a century ride inside the park on occassion.

If you don't mind driving, the D&R canal is another excellent choice. It's flat and mostly hardpack riding.
Here's a detailed cue sheet:

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jc (not verified)
Sandy Hook

It's about as flat as you can get.

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John Miller (not verified)

Laps of Prospect Park are flat enough for a recovering knee. 3 hours would be about 10-14 laps at a recovery/endurance pace, non-stop. Go early enough in the morning (starting, say 8a) and you would have absolutely no concern over traffic or pedestrians.

You could also try the club's Long Beach route. Except for the up and over of the bridges, there isn't a real hill to be found anywhere in Brooklyn or the South Shore of Long Island. Same goes for the club's Syosset route. Both are in the Ride Library on this website.

Westchester is pretty rolling, but certain roads come to my mind as relatively flat if you drive to start at the right places -- routes 22 and 100, for example, up to the Kensico Dam, or the club's North/South County Trailways routes (also in the Ride Library).

Good luck getting your knee stronger.

John M.

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Robert Marcus (not verified)

greenway from 125th west side then around to the east side 96th st and return.

Or ride to City Island and back

Or to Coney island and back

3 hrs, sounds like a lot of steady time on the bike

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don montalvo (not verified)
"my favorite ""flat"" recovery route..."

...queens boulevard > woodhaven boulevard > crossbay boulevard > rockaway beach


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beth (not verified)

seriously - thank you sooooo much for all of the options and really quick responses! i can't tell you how awesome it is to have this kind of guidance - really really appreciate it!


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