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I would like to ride from Boston to New York and I have started to get out the maps. Before I get too involved in assimilating from 5 diff. maps, does anyone know of a tested route or cue sheet?

I would also welcome any company and I am planning for as early as July 20th-Aug, with a day-or-so in Boston.

Thanks for your help!


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bill vojtech (not verified)

We used to do a ride to Boston that went like this:
NYC to Orient Point, (north fork of Long Island), Ferry to New London, CT. Stay overnight in New London, Cycle up to Boston the next day. Bus or fly home.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
One option

A possible inland route: Use any cue sheet to get you to North White Plains. Then use the cue sheet in the Ride Library: North White Plains to Sheffield, under Upstate. You can easily find your way from Sheffield to Route 20, to the north. Buy a Jimapco map of Berkshire County. I would stay off Route 7 as much as possible. I would take a right on Maple Avenue which becomes County Road, a left onto Gt Barrington Rd at the stop, a right at the old chicken coop then Fish Hatchery Road in Hartsville to a right on Route 23 east. Pick up Route 8 north in Otis, then Route 20 east in Becket. Although I haven't taken it further on a bike, Steve Weiss does a ride for charity each August which follows 20 far east before going south, I think at Sturbridge, and on to Provincetown. You can connect the dots to Boston if you aim for Hopkinton and follow the Boston Marathon route.

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Adam Hagan (not verified)

Thanks, this is VERY helpful!

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