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Hi, I'm a cyclist from Richmond, VA that is going to leave soon to circumnavigate the US by bike. I am staying with friend in Manhatten on E. 26th St. I have looked at a bunch of maps and can't find a way to get into the city from New Jersey by bike. Does anyone know of something I'm missing? Any advice would be great. Thanks!

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bikesherpa (not verified)

Either take the George Washington Bridge from NJ to New York or take one of the ferries across the Hudson River. See for more info about the ferries.

If taking the GWB, remember that you have to use the pedestrian path on the north side of the bridge.

Good luck!

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ck (not verified)

"That's some adventure you're on. Best of luck!
I agree with the above post. If you can ride to Hoboken or Jersey City you can take a NY Waterway ferry ( to either World Financial Center or W 38th street in Midtown. Either way, there is a great bikepath along the west side riverfront that will take you up (or down) to W 27th street.

If you're a stickler for not getting anywhere but by bike (some would argue that a ferry is ""cheating"") then the GWB is your best option. Unfortunately, the ride on the Jersey side is not bike friendly, though I have ridden it quite a bit. I would still ride to Hoboken and take either River road (at the base of the Palisades) or Blvd East (on top) to the GWB. On the Manhattan side, riding is actually better: you can either head toward the river bike path, or use Riverside Drive."

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Isaac (not verified)


Besides the GWB and the ferries (look out for both NYWaterway and NYWaterTaxi) You can cycle south over the Bayonne Bridge to Staten Island, then take the free SI Ferry to lower Manhattan.

- Bridge info

- Transit info

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Follow this route in reverse

In the NYCC Ride Library: New Jersey Waterfront

You need to transpose it with a map.

You can take the Path train at Hoboken or Jersey City to get into the city. It would save you distance and time.

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Landall Proctor (not verified)

"Thanks so much for the advice. I'll probably go with one of the ferries and ""cheat"" a little bit. I'll scorn myself about all the way to San Diego. Then I'll get over it. I really appreciate it the help. Everybody ride fast.


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